The NY Times Op-Ed: Another Page from the Left's Utopian Playbook

Before we lose our minds over the New York Times' anonymous op-ed, we should remind ourselves about who the leftists are.  And how they play their game. Who are they?  As conservatives, why do we not agree with them?  That answer varies, but usually it is because we find their ideas foolish.  Ideas like "equality," "tolerance," "flourishing," and "social justice" sound like wonderful concepts.  Conservatives are not against these ideals, which leftists claim to tout.  The problem for most conservatives is that we don't believe that these goals are attainable through the methods the left provides, if at all. The vision the left has of a good society seems, to most conservatives, like a lot of dreams that don't match anything in the real world.  They are the descriptions of a society that exists nowhere and never will exist. The left believes, in other...(Read Full Article)
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