Senator Hirono Has It Backwards

Democratic senator Mazie Hirono has it totally wrong when she says we should consider the assault charges against Brett Kavanaugh credible because he doesn't support abortion.

After all, who has a greater need for abortion to remain legal: a faithful family man like Kavanaugh or a sexual predator like Bill Clinton? 

The reality is that men who assault, exploit, or use women, as opposed to truly loving them, need abortion in order to avoid leaving clear proof that they had sex with a woman, in the form of a baby, and a huge financial responsibility. 

The left in America today is totally comfortable with the idea that if a woman gets pregnant, a man can just hand her some cash and tell her to "fix it."  But people like Kavanaugh say it's not right to kill an unborn daughter just to cover up a sexual relationship or to enable men to use women with no consequences.

Hence, the fact that Kavanaugh opposes abortion is evidence that he's unlikely to be a sexual predator like Al Franken.

Abortion is not something that liberates women, but rather something that enables men to view women as objects to be used and then discarded, rather than as persons to be loved.  For some reason, otherwise intelligent radical feminists, didn't pause to wonder why Hugh Hefner, a man who made a fortune by objectifying women, was such a big fan of abortion.

The idea that women need abortion because it allows them to have casual meaningless sex is a lie promulgated by immature men like Harvey Weinstein who think the ideal woman is one who wants to have sex anywhere at any time for any reason with any man.

The reality is that whether you believe it's due to God or 4,000,000,000 years of evolution or both, women generally want sex as part of a loving relationship, not as some emotion-free hookup.  From a purely evolutionary perspective, that's because women invest a lot more in having a baby than men do in making one.  Women who had men who stood by them and protected them were more likely to survive pregnancy in the past, hence evolution would fine-tune women to want men who would do that as opposed to men who just sexually exploited women and then left them.

It's not surprising that abortions can lead to all sorts of emotional problems for women; evolution has taken billions of years to make women want to go through all the hardships of pregnancy, yet people like Hirono want us to believe that a woman killing her own child, and thereby going against her most fundamental biological imperative after self-preservation, will have no consequences.

Because contraception, the first step in objectifying women, doesn't work all the time, an average woman who takes the Pill has a greater than 40% chance of having an unplanned pregnancy at some point, so sexual predators have to ensure that they can kill their children via abortion.

On the other hand, a loving family man like Kavanaugh will gladly welcome a new "unplanned" child and support her just as he's committed to spend his life loving and supporting his wife and his "planned" children.

Real women don't want casual meaningless sex.  They want a man who loves them no matter what, a man who will stand by them in thick and thin and who won't drop them once they get too old or too fat. 

Women like Hirono who back the sexual exploitation of women through legalized abortion are actually traitors to their sex.  After all, Democrats support sex-selection abortions, which almost always consist of an unborn woman to be being executed because the parents, or often the father who pressures the mother, want a boy.  Those Democrats who condemn Kavanaugh based on already discredited charges are silent on the mass slaughter of women around the world by sex-selection abortions.  In China, millions of little girls were butchered in their mother's wombs, often against the wishes of their mothers, because boys take care of their parents when they are old in China.

It's also not surprising that Hirono views all men as predators, since she moves in circles of men who are all predators.  We see her effective silence on the charges that the man second in charge of the Democratic National Committee physically assaulted a girlfriend of his, charges with significant corroboration, while she demands that men just shut up and do the right thing.

Interestingly, "shut up and do the right thing" is precisely what a predator like Bill Clinton would say to a woman whom he got pregnant – which, translated, means "go and kill our child so I'm not burdened for having used you as a sex object."

This makes sense, given the modern feminist view of what it means to be a good woman.  To modern feminists, women who stay home and raise children are losers.  Even women like Sarah Palin who both raise children and succeed in society are looked down upon.  To these deluded women, a "successful" woman is one who has a great job, has no or one or two kids at most, and views sex as equivalent to tennis.

Historically, society has recognized the irreplaceable role of women as mothers and extolled them for that.  Even though there is no need not to commend women for being mothers if we want to ensure that women aren't unfairly discriminated against in the workplace, that's the route that modern feminists have taken: that women should be just like men, or they're losers.

Given that Senator Hirono seems to have bought into the Hugh Hefner view of modern feminism, it's not surprising that she views all men as evil.  Her entire worldview vis-à-vis what it means to be a woman has been defined by men who hate real women and who work hard day in and day out to objectify women to satisfy men's lusts.

The bottom line is clear: if Kavanaugh were a sexual predator, it's far more likely that he'd support abortion than oppose it, so Hirono's "reasoning" is clearly wrong.

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