Mindfulness and Mindless Liberals

We are told that Trump-haters are seeking solace in mindfulness meditation, using faddish apps of dubious efficacy.  They may bring fleeting respite from anti-Trump hysteria, but upon returning to reality, they're again seized by cognitive convulsions, uncontrollable outbursts, and perseveration.  Meditation and mindfulness apps are popular.  "Calm," described in the Apple app store as "the perfect mindfulness app for beginners," was the 2017 App of the Year.  The co-CEO of the company that makes it observed that downloads doubled in the months following president Trump's election.  Nevertheless, Trump Derangement Syndrome remains pervasive, plowing a pernicious path through liberals' precious psyches. The faddish mindfulness programs predominating in app stores are more oriented toward meditation methods that induce temporary rapture but not lasting enlightenment.  In general,...(Read Full Article)
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