Media Matters vs. Blacks

Having dispatched Alex Jones from most every public platform on the face of the earth, the left is looking to engage more targets.. With an insatiable appetite to remove conservative thought from the public square, they have found a new whipping boy to thrash. His name is Jesse Lee Peterson, and his face is being plastered on liberal “Most Wanted” posters for his “white supremacist content.”

In an odd twist, it turns out that Mr. Peterson is a black man whose family worked on a plantation in Alabama. His personal history is replete with being born in the Jim Crow south and overcoming many obstacles. He is someone who intimately understands racism.  But pay no attention, because Media Matters has labeled Peterson “a far-right radio host and media personality.” And his crime appears to be that he’s successful.

Here, the far-left Soros-funded organization seems to have lurched uncontrollably into the truth. Peterson’s YouTube channel boasts 142,842 subscribers at the time of this writing, close to 20K people follow his Facebook page and another 41K on Twitter. And perhaps most damning of all -- Peterson is a black man who dares to be conservative. For shame.

This popularity has placed the leftist bull’s eye squarely on Peterson’s back. According to Media Matters, “Peterson’s YouTube content contains a torrent of anti-Black, anti-gay, and misogynistic hate.” For sure, Peterson is a boisterous and strident opponent of what he calls “the Democratic plantation” which is “really worse than the plantation I grew up on,” as is evident from this quote to Yahoo News:

“My grandparents worked hard and their parents worked hard. We were very independent. Unlike the Democratic Party -- their plantation causes you to become dependent on them and not on yourself. Once you become addicted to that, they will not let you off. If you try to get off, you are attacked. You’re called Uncle Tom, a sellout, the N-word, all kind of craziness because they do not want you to leave that plantation.”

Worse still, Peterson is a Christian and preaches the gospel of independence, self-reliance, and forgiveness. Despite Media Matters calling him the r-word and a white supremacist, Peterson refuses to back down. In an article titled “Hypocrisy of the Left: Media Matters Hates Black People,” he shot back:

“So they attack me as a black man with a rising profile on Newsmax TV and YouTube. They can’t allow one man to go free, think for myself, love America and white people -- because I might awaken others, as I am doing. Media Matters hates anyone, black or white, who is independent and unafraid to speak the truth – because they are children of the lie. Their father is Satan.”

For these heretical thoughts and comments, Media Matters posits that Mr. Peterson must be banned. He and other like-minded individuals “have violated YouTube’s terms of service” and their policy against, “content that ‘promotes violence against or has the primary purpose of inciting hatred against protected classes’ -- including LGBTQ individuals, Jewish people, African-Americans, and other racial minorities.”

Indeed, the full court press is on to ban Peterson from speaking out against what he sees as the hypocrisy of the left, “I realized I had been lied to [by the Democrats], that it wasn’t about racism, that white people were not holding me back and the Democrats didn’t care about me, they were lying to me.” 

To be sure, Jesse Lee Peterson is an unrepentant apostate of the leftist political theology that says if you are black you must be a Democrat. You must think, talk, and believe that above all, you are a victim. And this victimhood is what keeps you in bondage.

In an article titled the “Left Craves Perpetual Victimhood,” author Jeff Charles explains:

“When folks don the identity of the victim, they go through life seeing the worst in every circumstance. They adopt a mindset that tells them they cannot do anything to change their station in life because a particular set of circumstances -- either real or imagined -- prevents them from fulfilling their desires.”

Charles goes on to elucidate that victimhood is an increasingly pernicious mentality used to manipulate groups of Americans to support the Democratic party. Alas, Charles too carries the stain of being a black conservative. Perhaps he will be next up on the Media Matters hit list.

Could it be that what Media Matters really worries about is that too many of their folk are leaving the so-called Democratic Plantation? Best to shut these people up -- yes, put down the rebellion -- before it drowns out the victims and leftists who have held sway in the public square for lo these many years. Indeed, this larger agenda just may be the reason why organizations like Media Matters have taken aim at people like Jesse Lee Peterson.

Media Matters and their ilk may feel a pressing need to put a stop to this uprising lest things get out of control. Control of the masses and the individual -- from your Super Big Gulp to your right to free speech -- is, after all, the stock and trade of the left. Unwittingly the internet and its variety of platforms -- from Facebook to YouTube -- has been undermining this leftist need, which is why they are desperate to establish their hegemony over it.

So, black or white, young or old, if you say something those on the left don’t like, you are in their line of fire. Forget banning and burning the books, just remove these folks from the public square. In the words of American feminist Andrea Dworkin, “The genius of any slave system is found in the dynamics which isolate slaves from each other, obscure the reality of common condition, and make united rebellion against the oppressor inconceivable.” Or put more simply: divide and conquer. Yes, single these people out one by one, put them in the cross-hairs of your leftist .20 gauge, and pick off their offensive voices one at a time because at all costs -- they must be silenced.

Leesa K. Donner is Editor-in-Chief of

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