In Defense of Brett Kavanaugh's Judicial Temperament

One of the more exasperating accusations against Brett Kavanaugh going around right now is that his impassioned defense before the Senate Judiciary Committee proves that he lacks a "judicial temperament."  This ludicrous charge gets the thing completely backwards.  In the irregular hearing that the Democrat committee members demanded last Thursday, it wasn't Kavanaugh's obligation to be even-handed and judicious, because he wasn't there as a judge – he was in the dock as a criminal defendant representing himself.  It was the Democratic senators who were acting as judges (God help us), at a hearing they said was needed to assess the "credibility" of an accuser and the accused.  In doing so, it was they who showed a complete lack of judicial temperament. The hearing was not a criminal trial in the strict sense.  But neither was it a regular committee hearing for the purpose of providing advice and...(Read Full Article)
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