How Trump Can Save Free Speech from Big Tech

Politicians aren't saviors or messiahs.  Devoutly secular worship of government – the belief that the State (capital S) is God – is inherent in the Democratic Party's ideology and marketing. At the risk of belying my adamant opposition to idolatry, I implore President Trump to save free speech on the internet. The president has been busy keeping many of the promises he made as a candidate, so perhaps my request is unfair.  I'm mindful, however, that he has similarly ambitious and entrepreneurial children, who are active on social media. Politics is sales, and here's my pitch.  Americans Are Powerless From Dennis Prager to The New York Post to Alex Jones, among others, we've watched the Big Tech Industrial Complex purge speech and rhetoric with which it disagrees. It's no small irony that the same tech companies that manipulated search data, such as Google, to work to help Hillary Clinton – she of the...(Read Full Article)
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