Australia: The South Pacific Frontline in the Battle against Foreign Interference

When many Americans think of Australia, things like white sandy beaches, kangaroos, and Steve Irwin come to mind – an image that is at times more of a caricature than an actual country. What actually goes on in Australia, especially in its politics, is an unknown to most people not from the Land Down Under.  It's usually not that well covered by the media, especially since the advent of Brexit and Donald Trump's presidency. There is, however, an extremely dangerous trend in Australian politics that should concern lawmakers and political regulatory bodies across the democratic world.  That's the foreign interference and strong-arming within Australia's political sphere. Americans are most familiar with the foreign interference in the democratic process stemming from the allegations of Russian interference in the U.S. election of 2016.  But in Australia, politicians at both a state and a federal level have been...(Read Full Article)
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