Are Feminists Aiding Muslim Domination?

"What do you think about ... creating an awesome festival where only non-men are welcome until ALL men learn how to behave?"  This comes from the article titled "Women Cheer as Sweden's Man-Free Music Festival Kicks Off."  Initiated as a response to the wave of sexual assaults at Swedish festivals in recent years, only female bands are performing, and "neither male security guards nor journalists are allowed to enter."  However, "transgender women [sic] born as men are allowed to attend.  Only men who identify with the sex they were born with, also called cis men, are banned."

Such a radical view balkanizes and scapegoats men while applauding transgender behavior.

In fact, the misandry has led the Swedish Equality Ombudsman, a government agency that promotes equal rights, to "examine whether the festival is compatible with discrimination laws."

It appears that the left-wing feminist movement has become the perpetrator of man-hatred, all in the name of protecting women.  Yet overlooked by the advocates of the man-free festival is that it was a plethora of Muslim migrants who perpetrated the dreadful assaults and rapes.  These migrants come from societies where this is considered an acceptable way to treat women.  In fact, "no issue is taken with toxic Islamic masculinity.  This thinly-veiled excuse-making may be considered an attempt at dispelling anti-Islamic bigotry.  Yet, holding woefully low standards for men based on their background is an equally poor form of bigotry." 

Thus, the elephant in the room is being deliberately ignored.  Accusations of bigotry must be avoided at all costs.  It is easier to inflict collective blame than to deal with the actual guilty parties.

By scapegoating all men, ignored is the fact that Sweden is not providing the proper security to protect its women from sexual assaults.  At the same time, the country is spending vast sums of money to support more migrants from the Muslim world.  They bring their culture and religion to bear, and it is decidedly anti-female.

No one in authority dares question why there has been an increase in sexual assaults.  No one dares wonder why the Islamic world does nothing to assist its own brethren while the West is expected to pick up the tab.

Reason and logic are vanquished as all men are targeted as sexual predators.  Instead of connecting the increase of sexual assaults that has occurred since the mostly Muslim migrants were invited into the country, left-wing ideology takes hold, and innocent men are denigrated, sexes are separated, and biology is ignored.

Some background: "FKP Scorpio, organizers for Sweden's Bråvalla Festival officially announced the end of the country's largest and most popular music festival.  Following last year's event, organizers said the festival would be canceled for 2018 after an excess of sexual assaults."

First question: Why now?  What accounts for the sudden increase of sexual assaults since this festival first began in 2013?  It is true that rapes had been reported at Swedish music festivals at Arvika in 2006 and 2010. 

But "after the nation's parliament decided to transform Sweden with mass immigration into a multicultural society, violent crime has increased by 300 per cent and rapes by 1,472 per cent.  Now, Sweden has the worst rates of physical and sexual violence committed against women in the European Union (EU), according to a survey by the EU's rights agency."

Swedish authorities have been repeatedly slammed for their inaction.  In an effort to look proactive they handed out wristbands with 'don't grope' written on them at the Bråvalla festival.  Several girls who were assaulted were wearing the wristband, which did not offer them much protection.

Last month, an official report by Swedish police into the migrant sex attack phenomenon blamed 'Nordic alcohol culture' and the 'non-traditional gender roles' of European women for the growing problem.

Migrants, the police said, might not be able to 'handle the alcohol', simply feel 'horny', have 'ignorance of the consequences for the girls', 'have misplaced feelings', be 'expressing anger in this way', or be acting due to 'peer pressure'.

Meanwhile, "Sweden has a critical shortage of police officers, which means that it is easy to commit crimes and get away with them.  If one would, against all expectations, get caught, the punishment in Sweden is not harsh.  If someone is convicted of rape, he would be incarcerated from two to six years.  In 2015, the proportion of rapes where the police actually found the suspect was 14%.  This means that in 86% of the rapes, the rapist got away.  The police could simply not do their job because of lack of resources and poor leadership."

Many might say that it is racist to associate migrants with sexual crimes.  The Swedish police published a report in June 2016 which gave a status report of sexual abuse.  In the report, one can read the following quote: 'In cases where the crimes were carried out by offenders in a larger group in public places and in public swimming pools the perpetrators have been mainly youngsters who have applied for or have recently received asylum in Sweden.'

In February 2016, "mass immigration continued to claim victims in Sweden.  Murder, assaults and rape have become everyday occurrences in this small country, with a population just short of ten million, which in 2015 opened its doors to almost 163,000 immigrants.  The latest victim is 22-year-old Alexandra Mezher.  She was stabbed to death last week by a so-called unaccompanied refugee child at the asylum house where she worked."

Moreover, "[m]igrant sex attacks at music festivals are not limited to Sweden.  Breitbart London reported in June on a similar attack at the Schlossgrabenfest music festival in Darmstadt, Germany, which was likened to the Cologne attacks in which over 1,000 men and women were assaulted and robbed."

It is important to factor in the Islamic belief that if a woman is uncovered, it is acceptable to assault her.  This idea can be directly linked to "a senior Muslim cleric in Australia, Shek Taj Aldin al-Hilali who compares women who do not wear a headscarf to 'uncovered meat', implying that they invited sexual assault."

In addition, the British Abduljalil Sajid, a senior figure in the Muslim Council of Britain,  offered support for Sheikh Taj Din al-Hilali's views, saying "loose women like prostitutes encourage men to be immoral."

Moreover, the Karbala in Iraq imposes its version of modest dress on female visitors. Thus, "the council agreed not to allow visitors to enter without the hijab.  [It also took] the decision to ban music in the holy city, as well as dancing and tight clothes, with God's permission.  And women will not be able to go out without an abaya or whilst wearing makeup."

There is an undeniable truth that two diametrically opposed societies are on a major collision course, and the accommodating group is being destroyed because of its consideration and respect, which is being met with violence and destruction.  There is also the insertion of radical feminism in the mix, which basically promotes its own agenda and uses the opportunity to co-opt impressionable young women.

That all this is being ignored and replaced with men-free spaces is an invitation to disregard the real problem.  Until immigrants are properly assimilated into Western culture and taught genuine respect of women, the violence will not be curtailed. 

In many cases, male-only and female-only venues have served people well – that is, until radical left-wing militant ideology is promoted.  Boy Scouts are no longer just for boys.  It is important to question the underlying reason for the left's advocating such events.  Is it to scapegoat or to safeguard?  Does such expression of discrimination against all men aid and abet the Muslim agenda of destroying the Western civilization from within?  Are left-wing radicals and the Muslim world helping each other's causes while promoting their own?

Instead of Swedish officials dealing realistically with the issue, they offer an opening to what I call ideological abuse – now these young women accept that all men are sexual predators except those men who claim they are women.

Confusing and dangerous at best.  

The jihadist world repeatedly claims that it will infiltrate the West to destroy it.  Extremist feminists have publicly acknowledged that the traditional family structure is to be utterly restructured.  What clever deception by the red-green axis as they exploit these young impressionable girls who do not understand how they are being used and who do not have the information or critical thinking skills to refute these destructive ideas.

Perhaps the worst culprits are the Western countries who allow it to happen.  A country is supposed to protect its young.  When it fails that, it has doomed itself.  If a country stops honoring the inviolable promise to protect its children, it will surely lose them in the long run to one ideology or another.

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