Does Trump Have What It Takes to Win on Immigration?

President Trump has faced down the Chinese, the Russians, ISIS, and North Korea, but does he have what it takes to force Congress to fix immigration?  I am beginning to think the answer is no.  Congressional leadership has secured the votes, and worked the rules, to pass the president's agenda only when the members agree with his policies, such as choosing conservative justices or lowering taxes.  On issues such as Obamacare and immigration, where the GOP establishment disagrees with Trump, he has failed.  On Obamacare, Trump gave up in disgust after killing the individual mandate.  He can't do that on immigration.  Fixing immigration was a big promise.  He has got to deliver. The art of negotiation requires both carrots and sticks.  Trump has shown little to offer or threaten that the impervious incumbents of the GOP want or fear.  He has endorsed their candidates and campaigned for...(Read Full Article)