Capitalism Is at the Center of Every System

Listening to American socialists whine about capitalism always gives me a laugh. They post to Facebook using their $800 iPhones, created by one of the most highly profitable and cash-rich companies in history, manufactured by poorly paid Asian workers. They drive to their protests in their expensive hybrid Chevy Volts, technology engineered and manufactured for profit in the U.S. They stop on the way to the protest to pick up a phytoestrogen-laced soy latte at Starbucks, pushing the company past five billion dollars in profit (2017). If I didn’t know better, I’d say these whiners were greedy capitalist enablers!

But don’t let facts get in the way of a Saturday of whining at the local protest march. They have evil capitalists to protest. Who cares if they have never experienced third-world socialism?

A new survey shows the depth of millennial deception. Fifty eight percent of millennials would prefer to live in a socialist, fascist, or communist system rather than a capitalist one. This is a great victory for government education.

Here’s an interesting observation that you did not hear in high school or college. All governmental and economic systems have at their center a batch of capitalists: greedy, selfish, single-minded money-grubbers, out only to enrich themselves. Let me explain, with the help of the following diagram, using as my example the fictitious nation of Floobystan.

Floobystan has gone through several phases, as the U.S. and other countries have. It started off as a capitalist nation, where every Floob enjoyed economic freedom. I did not say they all enjoyed wealth, but rather the freedom to produce wealth. While the large majority of Floobs engaged in commerce, from meager to mighty, there was a group or people on the fringe (“everyone else”) who choose not to participate, or perhaps they could not participate due to personal circumstances. Fortunately for them, there were enough successful greedy capitalists to altruistically take care of everyone else, without breaking a sweat, and without government involvement.

In the course of time, some of the capitalists discovered they could lobby themselves money from the public treasury, and they did. These Floobs became very wealthy, all for simply supporting larger government. They suckered everyone else as well with promises of free stuff. Using free government money, a few clever capitalists drove many other capitalists out of the market and made them join the ranks of everyone else, and over the generations none of those rejects could remember being economically free. Everyone else eventually developed a hatred for capitalists. The pool of capitalists shrunk, concentrating wealth and creating a social and economic divide. The remaining capitalists (in the guise of benevolent government) promised free everything to everyone else, and everyone else believed them. This is called socialism.

Many nations in Europe resemble this model today, and the U.S. is following closely. I used to work for an English company and I was surprised to witness the two-level caste system when I visited. The worker bees rode the train home at 5:00 p.m., and the managers and owners stayed until 6 p.m. for drinks and cigarettes in the board room, driving home in their BMWs. The class line was thick and bold, and could only rarely be crossed in the upward direction.

Just recently, we have seen an Internet entertainment capitalist, Alex Jones, ejected from social media by the social-media capitalists. He does not fit their liberal mold, so he’s out. If he cannot find another outlet, the capitalist pool will have shrunk by one. And no matter what you think of Alex Jones, we all lose.

You’re next.

Back to the Floobs. The progressive process continued in their country, through progressive change and the occasional revolution, until the pool of capitalists shrunk to a fraction of a percent of the population. All money, wealth, and power flowed through relatively few hands at the capitalist center of Floobystan, and the capitalist kernel disguised itself as the advocate of everyone else. Flooby Media comforted everyone else, saying that the State was looking out for them. However, laws that applied to working Floobs were of no concern to the capitalists, as they had purchased the legal system. You can name recent examples of this in the U.S.

North Korea is an excellent and caricaturish instance of this third, communist phase (but it works for fascism, too). Scan photos online and compare the Pot Belly Dictator with his hungry citizens. Note all the wealth flowing through that sumptuous Pot Belly, leaving more than a hint of obesity in its wake, while everyone else eats dog (when they can get it).

The fourth stage (not pictured) is potentially ugly, as in Venezuela, but could result in mostly peaceful reform as with the fall of the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, there is rarely a full reset to capitalism, but rather to a softer form of socialism. And the cycle repeats.

Doesn’t this model make sense, once you recognize the crowd of wheeling-dealing capitalists at the center of every system? When the capitalist crowd is big, a lot of people enjoy economic freedom and comfort, and self-serving capitalists compete and limit each other’s power. When the crowd is small, competition is reduced, and poverty and corruption explode.

And note that everyone else under the full capitalist system lives like a king compared to those under communism or fascism. Widespread capitalism spreads wealth to everyone. Communism spreads poverty.

Try explaining this to a millennial at the local protest or Starbucks. Send them a link to this article. Might they understand? Might they realize that they are supporting a quickly concentrating pool of capitalists at Apple and Amazon HQ? Might they understand that socialism does not eject capitalists, but concentrates them to toxic levels in the center of government?

Might they understand that the cure for the evils of capitalism is not socialism, but more capitalism?

These millennials and their Geritol forbear 1960s hippie grandparents are playing right into the hands of the super-rich liberals, shilling for less freedom for themselves and more control for the globalists. They want universal income, free health care, and free education, not for a moment suspecting that “free” does not equate to “quality.” Liberals willingly yield their free speech rights to shut down capitalists. What a belly laugh the capitalists must be having in the Alphabet boardroom!

We need a two-pronged attack to address this stupidity. First, we need to properly educate millennials. It’s a tough problem because the largess of government is backing the slide from capitalism (ca. 1950) to socialism (ca. 2000) to communism (ca. 2050?). And what with censorship of conservative ideas ratcheting up, it’s going to be hard to get at the millennials through media. We’ll have to talk to them one on one.

Second, we’ll have to change our lives, too. We are going to have to push back in the only realm that the liberal capitalists understand, the realm of capitalism. What would happen if, all of a sudden, people stopped buying toilet paper and cheap Chinese junk off How would they react if you scrapped your cell phone and had your landline reconnected? What if you stopped using Google and Gmail, Microsoft and Hotmail, and all the streaming services? What if you and your capitalist friends created the conservative alternatives to Facebook and YouTube?

You have already denied the liberal media capitalists access to your mind, but you are still financing them with every Amazon Prime purchase. Stop it. Don’t be a Floob. Finance a larger pool of conservative capitalists. And bring a millennial with you.

Are you up for this fight?

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