A Haunting in Ferguson

Four years ago, the trendy city of Ferguson, Mo. -- an up-and-coming gentrifying community in north St. Louis county -- went up in flames after a very large black man assaulted a police officer, grabbed for his gun, and was shot to death. George Soros-linked groups spent $33 million dollars shipping rioters into the community to loot and pillage. A grand jury was convened to assess whether Officer Darren Wilson should be charged with a crime in the killing, and this after a DoJ investigation found no substantial evidence to charge Wilson. The grand jury announced they were not going to indict Wilson, and St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCullough announced he was closing the case.

But that was then.

In the Tuesday primary election McCullough lost to a black Ferguson city councilman named Wesley Bell who is clearly interested in reintroducing charges in this case. While Bell is being a bit coy about the matter -- he has yet to be elected in the general election although he is running unopposed -- it seems likely he will take a page from his hyperpartisan counterpart in the city of St. Louis (who brought bogus criminal charges against Governor Eric Greitens, forcing him to resign from office) and will bring new charges against Wilson.

According to KSDK Channel Five News

"5 On Your Side took that question to Saint Louis University Law professor John Amman. He said if a prosecutor wants to go for a murder charge there is no statute of limitations for that crime.

And, since the grand jury that originally investigated the case never charged Wilson there is no danger of double jeopardy.

 So, we can verify that a prosecutor could still charge Wilson. But what are the chances?

"It would be difficult to do I would think after four years, after one grand jury looked at it and the federal government decided not to do anything," said Ammann referencing the Department of Justice under President Obama that investigated Brown's death and declined to prosecute Wilson.

"Our community has felt that there's something else that could be done in trying Darren Wilson," said Bishop Derrick Robinson with Kingdom Destiny Fellowship, who emerged as a leader of the protest movement after Brown's death.

Robinson said many do not feel justice was served by the grand jury that investigated Wilson.

Asked how he would respond if Bell took another look at the case and still no charges were filed he said, "We're going to hope that he's going to find some charges on Mr. Wilson."

Notice how this "Bishop," a supposed man of God, doesn't care about the truth here, but is rather more interested in "social justice" even though all evidence points to Officer Wilson's innocence and Mike Brown's guilt. It does not matter; the races of the individuals involved is all Bishop Robinson seems to care about.

They are never going to let this go.

In fact, they just recently appealed to Missouri's governor-by-default Mike Parsons to reopen the case. They would never try to pressure Eric Greitens in a matter like this; they knew Greitens, for all his faults, wouldn't cave to political pressure. But having forced Greitens out, they believe they can put the screws to Parsons, a mild-mannered, and possibly weak man from rural Missouri with little experience dealing with race hustlers.

It was part of why they were so desperate to get rid of Greitens. The labor unions, too, and I rather doubt the vote would have gone so against Right to Work had the GOP in Missouri rallied around their governor. But they surrendered and are now paying the price.

Meanwhile, Lezley McSpadden, mother of the "gentle giant" Brown, the woman who along with her husband exhorted rioters to "burn this bitch down" (meaning Ferguson)  after the verdict was reached in the grand jury deliberations, is running for city council in Ferguson. 

I wonder how much of George Soros' money is flowing into that campaign?

From the article:

"McSpadden pointed out three platforms that she plans to focus on upon election after telling the crowd she is speaking a successful campaign election into existence. They include: community policing, economic equality and access to quality healthcare.

"This is very important to me – and I know a lot of people wonder what makes me qualified,” McSpadden said. "Because I watched my son lay in that very spot where those trails of bears are – that makeshift memorial -- for four and a half hours… four and a half hours. They disrespected an entire community, disregarded us. And when I’m elected, they will learn to respect us.”

I didn't know city councils had anything to do with health care or economic equality.

McSpadden (who got into a fist fight during the protests with Brown's grandmother over the sale of merchandise) is being duplicitous here; Brown lay in the streets because a crowd had formed making it unsafe to remove his body -- at least without hurting or killing somebody else. The meat wagon arrived and police had to tell them to leave. She forgets this little detail, as she forgets Brown was just leaving from beating and robbing a local store clerk.

But no doubt the black community and especially black Democrats -- who were enraged when Steve Stenger (a white man) beat the black and corrupt Charlie Dooley in the last primary to become St. Louis County Executive and wanted to show their power by burning Ferguson down -- will support this paragon of civic virtue to the fullest. (Dooley was strangely silent on the troubles in Ferguson.) Many prominent black Democrats were regular fixtures in the Ferguson protests.

I wonder when Al Sharpton will show up to campaign for her.

Tim is a life-long resident of St. Louis who grew up very near Ferguson. His website is www.tbirdnow.mee.nu.

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