A Facebook Story

I am a regular Facebook user.  Not a typical one, I expect.  You'll see only an occasional family picture post from me, and absolutely no photos of kittens.  No, nor those little "Hallmark Card" (as I call them) posts, either – the touchy-feely "feel good" ones with Snoopy, rainbows, hearts, unicorns, and flowers along with a bit of "ain't life sweet" poetry.

No, I post different types of things.  Themed postings under titles such as "My Morning Read" – often a thoughtful post, not a few of which are links to articles here on American Thinker.  Or shorter posts, often with irony, under the heading "My Daily Uh Huh."

Some weeks back, a Facebook friend – someone I never met face to face but with whom I share several interests including a love of traditional Western values and music-making – wrote to say he had a received a message from Facebook with a few short questions about whether or not he found my Facebook posts positive and encouraging or the opposite.

His response, he said, was positive, and I heard nothing more on the subject.  But I was then aware that on some level I had come to the attention of Facebook's thought police.  Thus, what happened to me this morning was less than a complete surprise.

Since this is a Facebook story, I will tell it with Facebook postings – mine as well as theirs.

It all started when I posted this:

The link was to an article written for the Chicago Tribune by Kate Thayer and posted on MSN dot com.  "Mom investigated for letting 8-year-old walk dog around the block."

I provide the link so American Thinker readers can read the article, along with my Facebook comment above, with a view to questioning its propriety.  

Facebook must have thought such propriety lacking, for about a minute later, this message from Facebook appeared:

Well, that or something else.  For looking closer in my "Support Inbox" and saying that no, this is not "spam," I recieved this:

Then, less than thirty seconds later, this message appeared...

Okay, things happen.  An odd thing here, to be sure, because Facebook "took another look" so very quickly, but still, "benefit of the doubt" and all that.  And so I got back to my morning web reading routine.

It was not too much later that I posted another link.  This one:

The link was to this short piece by John Hinderaker on Powerline Blog.

"My Daily Uh Huh" typically deals with the obvious, mundane, and funny.  Facebook seemingly saw my post and link as none of these things, for again I received this notice:

Was this "spam"?  No.  And I told them so.

Again, in just seconds' time, these notices one after the other again appeared...

What was going here?  I could only speculate and did so on my Facebook timeline.

Will this continue?  Is it mere happenstance?  A Facebook programming error?  Or is something far more insidious going on?

My Facebook friends' comments mostly express confidence that all this is some sort of computer programming glitch.  But then again, positivity is something I look for in all my friends.

If all this were happening in a vacuum, I'd likely think they are correct – and indeed, they may be.  But with the election coming, and the establishment alliance so obviously willing to go to any length – even seemingly working to drum up totally bogus grounds to remove an elected president – well I am not quite so sure.

As I told my FB friends, "if I suddenly 'disappear' from Facebook, the answer will be clear."

Stay tuned, American Thinker friends, stay tuned.  For if being silenced – banned – on Facebook is my lot, I am sure I will be only one of many.  And this will no doubt include many readers and posters here on AT.  For thinkers are dangerous.  And those in D.C. and their technology friends well know it.

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