Trump-Russia Collusion: The New 'Climate Change'

Liberal MSNBC talking head Chris Hayes recently committed what political wags call a “Washington gaffe”: He spoke the truth. He responded to one of his Twitter followers who was complaining that television networks, and Hayes’s own program All In in particular, did not devote “commensurate energy” to the “disaster” of supposed man-made climate change by constantly braying about it. Hayes said: “Almost without exception[,] every single time we’ve covered [climate change] it’s been a palpable ratings killer. So the incentives are not great.”

Gee, Chris, thanks for that admission. Maybe you and your journalistic colleagues can draw a lesson from the failure of this media-foisted canard and apply it to the other canard you and your fellow travelers have been peddling: that Donald Trump and his campaign somehow “colluded” with the Russian government to throw the 2016 presidential election to Trump’s favor.

In an hysterical television ad from 2012, preserved by the wonderful folks at Media Research Center, Hayes lets us know that “Climate change is the biggest governing challenge we face.” (Apparently, nuclear annihilation from North Korea or Iran, China overtaking the United States economically, Islamist attacks on American soil -- these governing challenges all pale in comparison to the 0.3-degree Celsius increase in mean global temperature that dubious climate computer models predict will occur over the 21st century.) And to save us all from climatic destruction, Hayes was henceforth going to bicycle to work. In Manhattan.  I am not making this up. (I wonder if Hayes is still pedaling to the studio every day.)

Climate change as a concern for Americans is now so low as to barely register in public-opinion surveys. In a recent Gallup Poll asking respondents “What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?” climate change didn’t even make the list among the 36 concerns cited. “Immigration/illegal aliens” topped the chart at 22 percent.

And yet the left in this country, and particularly the mainstream media, as reflected in Hayes’s surprisingly candid tweet, lament the fact that the American people have ignored the dire warnings of the Global Warmistas to the point of actually changing the channel when the programming directors run a segment on Al Gore’s latest histrionics at another global warming conference -- typically held in a city that is hit with an anomalous snowstorm. (Proving once again that God does have a sense of humor.)

It is the same common sense demonstrated by the American people in the Gallup survey that resulted in the election of a man of demonstrated real-world accomplishments over a demonstrably felonious woman with zero accomplishments in the presidential election of 2016. And the efforts by senior officials in the Obama administration’s law enforcement and intelligence apparatus, the Hillary Clinton campaign and the mainstream media to undermine first Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and now his presidency, based on fabricated allegations of “collusion,” are so obvious in light of everything we have learned as to require one to be either hopelessly obtuse or so blinded by political ideology to not see the frameup that is occurring. 

Thanks to the voluble lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the FBI’s star-crossed dynamic duo hell-bent on saving the Republic from some imagined disaster should a Donald Trump presidency befall the country, we have a lengthy texting record, which illustrates a deranged mindset comparable to those afflicted by Man-Made Climate Change Disorder. And in the same way that empirical data show that the planet hasn’t actually warmed appreciably in the last century, predictions of Donald Trump’s presidency leading to calamity haven’t panned out. In fact, by most measures, it has been a rousing success. Certainly it puts Barack Obama’s disastrous tenure to shame, with President Trump’s roaring economy having reduced black unemployment to the lowest level since the government has tracked that data, Trump crushing ISIS in Iraq in the span of a few months, and Trump achieving second quarter 2018 GDP growth expected to be announced shortly at an astounding 4.6 percent.  That is a growth rate above the prediction of four percent, which candidate Donald Trump said in October 2016 he could achieve as president, and which liberal economists derided as “impossible to meet.”

Democratic politicians, their media confederates and many rank-and-file Democrats (not to mention some “#NeverTrump” Republicans) cannot abide this success. So they pound a narrative that President Trump somehow colluded with Russians to defeat their beloved Hillary Clinton, despite presenting absolutely no evidence that it actually occurred. For them it is an article of faith, just as man being the cause of disastrous “climate change” is a matter of faith -- with liberals producing the flimsiest of evidence, if any at all.  They don’t realize that their religious fervor on these subjects is itself suspicious.

The bulk of the American people, I believe, see through the smoke the political-media class in the New York-Washington bubble produce regarding both matters. That is why opinion-polling even by the liberal CBS News is showing that a majority of Americans -- by their count 53 percent to 44 percent -- now view the Mueller investigation into alleged Trump collusion with Russia as being politically motivated, which is an even higher percentage of Americans who believed the investigation was a political farce in December 2017, when 48 percent felt it was politically motivated and 46 percent did not.

The numbers will only get stronger in the President’s favor as the media continues its incessant, deluded collusion coverage, and the American people’s belief in the credibility of the Mueller investigation will continue to wane, just as the belief and/or concern about “man-made climate change” has reached near zero among the American electorate at large. 

As a purely partisan matter, I never thought I would see a tough New York real estate billionaire become the object of sympathy for so many Americans. That is something that only a disconnected, elitist media and political class could achieve, working with corrupt senior law enforcement and intelligence officials. Al Gore might call it an “inconvenient truth.”

William F. Marshall has been an intelligence analyst and investigator in the government, private and non-profit sectors for over 30 years. Presently he is a Senior Investigator for Judicial Watch, Inc. (The views expressed are the author’s alone, and not necessarily those of Judicial Watch.)  

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