Trump Outfoxed Them Again

Trump is wise for not falling into the Democrats' fake news media and the Deep State's trap of saying Russia tampered with our election.  Russia has tried to impact our elections forever.  While 12 Russians were indicted in the Russia collusion investigation, no Americans were indicted.  Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein stated that Russian tampering had no impact on the outcome of our presidential election.  In other words, Trump won fair and square

Conservative pundits who joined the American left's and Deep State's chorus demanding that Trump admit Russian tampering still don't get it.  What part of the American left and Deep State's contempt for fairness or truth do these conservatives not understand?  The American left and Deep State are laser-focused on kicking Trump out of office by any means necessary.

All they are interested in is Trump gifting them with a sound bite they can distort and lie about to harm him.  If Trump said Russia tampered but it did not impact our election, fake news media would report, "Trump admits Russian tampering."  MSNBC would report, "Trump practically admitted he colluded with Russia to steal the election from Hillary."  Nowhere in the fake news media frenzy would you hear the second part of Trump's statement: " did not impact our election."

We know the drill, folks.  How many times must leftists lay "gotcha" traps for conservatives and Republicans before our side gets it?  When will Republicans and conservatives understand that they cannot play nice, appease, try to reason with, or find common ground with leftist fanatics?  These evil, hate-filled people want conservatives, Republicans, and Trump politically dead.  Period.  It is not an exaggeration to say many political elites and leftists want our president physically dead.

Years ago, I was speaking and singing on a national bus tour with Tea Party Express.  After a long day of Tea Party rallies, our team had dinner at a restaurant.  A team member got the manager to turn the TV to Saturday Night Live because Sarah Palin was a scheduled guest.

The comedy skits portrayed Sarah as stupid.  Several of my fellow team members laughed and thought it was great for Sarah to poke fun at herself to show that conservatives and Republicans are not ogres, but really nice people.  I did not laugh.  I thought Sarah's appearance was a huge mistake.  Saturday Night Live's leftist producer's goal was to brand this brilliant female governor an idiot.  Sadly, in the minds of far too many, the left's branding of Sarah stuck.

I even began hearing conservatives and Republicans say Palin is stupid and toxic and must be gotten rid of.  This angered me.  I thought, so this is how we treat our courageous warriors.  While the American left's and Deep State's 24-7 campaign to destroy Trump is unprecedented in its hate, rage, and vitriol, their attempt to destroy Sarah was hot and heavy.

Leftists who portray themselves as paragons of superior compassion even viciously attacked Trig, Sarah Palin's Down syndrome son

Yet Sarah never wavered in boldly standing up for God, family, and country, traditional principles and values that have made America great.  I and millions of Americans loved her for it.

A few days ago, I heard fake news media report something Trump supposedly said.  I can't recall what it was, but the report was a total lie.  So why in the world should Trump try to get on the good side of these people, who purposely distort and lie about everything he says and does?

It is wise that Trump typically doubles down rather than apologize for anything he says and does.  The American left and Deep State would regard any apology as a crack in Trump's armor – blood in the water, an opening to attack him with even more distortions and lies.  The Trump-hating behemoth is not about being fair, balanced, or reasonable.  Everything they do and say is about removing Trump from office and destroying the lives of himself and his family, even twelve-year-old Barron

An outrageous New York Magazine headline proves my point: "Mueller's New Indictment Points to Collusion With Russia."  What the heck are these people at N.Y. Mag talking about?  Mueller's investigation said Russian tampering did not impact a single vote in Trump's victory.  Yet NY Mag is distorting this truth to mislead low-info voters to still believe the absurd lie that the American left and Deep State have promoted for almost two years: that Trump stole the election from Hillary.  This is the dishonesty we are up against regarding fake news media.  Again I ask, why on Earth should Trump try to appease these people?

I love Trump expressing his disrespect for fake news media, continuing to boldly stick it to them – while steamrollering them with his Make America Great Again agenda.  All I ask is that we stay firmly in Trump's corner, assuring him that We the People have his back.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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