The Real Threat to American Democracy

The real danger to American democracy doesn't come from Russia.  The Russians had little impact on the last election, succeeding only in revealing that the DNC was breaking its own rules to suppress Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders. Unfortunately, there are people who are working to undermine American democracy.  Here's a short list of some of them: 1. Antifa: The Washington Post's new slogan is "Democracy dies in darkness."  But most of the left either overtly or tacitly approves of the use of violence by Antifa to silence voices it doesn't like.  An electorate in darkness can't vote intelligently.  Hence, if Americans don't know the truth, they are at risk of voting against what's best for them.  Antifa undermines our system by denying people the truth. 2. Activist Judges: A core belief on which America is based is that political power flows not from elite rulers,...(Read Full Article)