Illegal Immigrants, Palestinian Refugees, and Their Liberal Cheerleaders: The Startling Similarities

The Democrat, left-wing media, and progressive activists’ current freak-out over what is at least a decade-long crisis on our southern border is not just hypocritical.  Yes, these same individuals taking to the streets in ugly mobs and threatening Trump administration officials and their families were silent when children entering the country illegally were detained under Obama.  In fact, in 2014, after visiting a detention center housing migrant children, Nancy Pelosi asserted that the issue should not be politicized, clearly fearing the poor optics.

But the progressive reaction to the migrant issue reflects much more than liberal hypocrisy.  It mirrors the liberal response to, and furthering of, inflammatory and intentionally misleading narratives regarding Palestinian refugees.  Both crises represent the politicization of cultural and ethnic tragedies that seek to blame a strong horse for the wrongs of the true perpetrators of crimes against humanity. And both crises serve as winning strategies for leftist political operatives seeking absolute power.

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Palestinians are portrayed as victims of an all-powerful government infringing on their human rights, notwithstanding their culpability and that of their “elected” leaders. Similarly, Democrats are using illegal immigrants as tools to demonize Republicans, intentionally fueling their ongoing war against conservatives with the specific goal of influencing the midterm elections. 

Arab governments have exploited Palestinians for decades in their never-ending quest to annihilate Israel.  That conflict could have ended decades ago, yet Palestinian representatives declined Israel’s numerous offers of a peaceful two-state solution.  Democrats similarly purposely avoided numerous opportunities for immigration reform including when they controlled both houses of Congress and the White House under Obama. 

Instead, Democrats nationalized one-sixth of the U.S. economy via Obamacare, while illegal immigrant children languished in prison-like camps.  They opted to “ink” a horrific agreement with Iran allowing that terrorist-sponsoring tyrannical regime to develop nuclear weapons while turning a blind eye to our porous border that permits the infiltration of Islamic terrorists and MS-13 gang members.

How to explain this irrationality?  Aside from political motivations, there are enormous economic benefits to using unwitting victims in both of these dishonest games. 

Since its formation in 1949, the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA), mandated with providing humanitarian aid to Palestinian refugees, has grown into a bureaucratic monstrosity that sucks money from donor nations to feed its 35,000 mostly Palestinian employees.  It supports Palestinian terrorism through coordination with Hamas, indoctrinates Palestinian children to commit jihad against Jews, and allows its facilities to serve as weapons depots.  But hey, tens of thousands of Arabs are employed because of it – so there’s that.

Palestinians are the only refugees with their own UN agency. That agency is the only refugee organization that does not work for integration, resettlement and assimilation of its refugees into host countries.  Furthermore, UNRWA permits descendants of refugees to inherit the refugee status, resulting in the number of refugees under its mandate and control increasing from 750,000 in 1950 to over 5,000,000 today.  With an annual budget exceeding $1.2 billion, this is what we call big business. 

Our own government is now feeding a similar conglomerate in states across the country.  Southwest Key Inc., a Texas not-for-profit, received half a billion dollars this year to house migrant children.  It has received $1.5 billion over the past decade for the “Unaccompanied Alien Children Program.” The CEO of Southwest earned almost $1.5 million in total compensation in 2016 while his wife earned almost $300,000 as its VP in 2015. This is how government bureaucracies form and welfare programs are established. Genies are not easily forced back into their bottles.

Bleeding hearts bemoan the migrant children, ignore their crimes and accompanying health issues, and champion the facilities in which the children are housed.  In Westchester County, the feds have set up migrant housing in which most Americans could only dream of living.  Gyms replete with weight rooms and indoor swimming pools, cell phones, medical care, and top-notch education are some of the amenities. 

Both of these crises are portrayed as atrocities with no end. Liberals perpetuate the narratives. Just as many Latin American countries do not wish to rectify their economic, social, and political calamities leaving citizens few choices but to attempt an escape, Arab countries and Palestinian leaders do not wish to address the struggles facing Palestinians.

Deported illegals return again and again until finally jailed for serious crimes; liberals form sanctuary cities to protect them.  Palestinian refugees seek a right of return while blowing up buses and restaurants; the UN passes resolutions condemning the Jews. Trump suggests building a wall; he is labeled a tyrant. Netanyahu builds a fence; he is accused of running an apartheid state. Both leaders strive to protect their citizens. Liberals wish to perpetuate victim classes as a means to attain power.

While there are hopes that the U.S. will defund UNRWA, European nations would surely make up the loss.  Similarly, if the government were to cut funding for immigrant welfare programs, liberals would fill the void. For instance, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services received $18 million in contributions from a Facebook campaign. The group plans to use the money “to staff up — hiring many more attorneys, social workers and legal assistants.”

Sounds a lot like the way UNRWA expanded.  Liberals feed the beast without any attempt to slay the dragon. 

The media and fake news also help inflame the public which keeps the money flowing and the issues front and center while continuing the demonization of both Israel and Republicans.   Pallywood has found great success as Arabs effectively feed a false narrative to a complicit media influencing public opinion.  The terrorists’ effectiveness in using #fakenews to portray the Palestinians as victims of unwarranted, “disproportionate” Israeli aggression is due in large part to liberals who care more about appeasing their own sense of fairness than they do about the truth.  The duplicitous media faithfully regurgitate the lies fed to them by the terrorists. 

Likewise, news outlets across the country consistently run photos and stories that fit their bleeding-heart, false narratives.  Time Magazine’s recent cover photo exemplifies the media’s deviousness as AT’s Rick Moran explains:

They called it a "photo illustration." But the montage was not marked as such, leading anyone who saw the cover to think that Trump was there and the little girl was crying because her mother was taken away by heartless ICE agents. "Photo illustrations" are reminiscent of propaganda tactics used by Joseph Goebbels. The Nazi propaganda whiz would marry two images - a Jew and a rat, for example - to impart an unmistakable message.

That too, was fake but accurate according to Nazi doctrine.

Which leads to another similarity between the two issues – the ludicrous use of Hitler and Nazi comparisons. Both Palestinians and their supporters and Democrats and leftists love comparing Netanyahu and Trump to Hitler, Israeli Jews and Republicans to Nazis.  This is not only immoral; it cheapens the memory of those who died in the Holocaust and WWII.  There is no sense of truth or decency for the extremists pushing these vile agendas.

I recently met a co-founder of Center Left Radio, which bills itself as “the progressive voice of hope, politics and jazz,” an internet station that is intended to appeal “to listeners’ hearts and minds.” We discussed the immigrant crisis and, when I shared with him that many of the heart-wrenching photos in the news were actually taken in 2014 under Obama, he would have none of it.  It did not fit his narrative; his listeners’ minds, just as his own, could not grasp the reality. 

It is disheartening that so many in the West cannot handle the truth.  When Trump asks why everyone screaming about the poor immigrant children ignores the children murdered by MS-13 gang members, liberals have no response.  When the UN, Arab nations, and Western progressives single out Israel for demonization while ignoring the untold numbers of innocent Israeli civilians murdered in terrorist attacks, they fail to recognize this as blatant anti-Semitism.  Unlike his predecessor, who never found an issue unworthy of an executive order (except this one), Trump signs an executive order halting the separation of children from parents and Democrats continue demonizing him while calling for the abolition of ICE. Netanyahu makes overtures for peace including halting settlement construction and Western media’s use of Pallywood propaganda continues its vilification of him. 

The Palestinians have their Nakba; the Democrats have their Resistance. For the Palestinians, 1967 was the beginning of a tale that they have successfully spun, a welfare state in the form of UNRWA that indirectly funds their terrorism, and an excuse to commit jihad on the Jewish people.  Palestinian leaders, with the help of UNRWA textbooks and educators, incite violence daily in the name of the Nakba.

For Democrats and leftists, 2016 was a death knell and an excuse to call for violence, uncivil disobedience, impeachment, and the usurpation of the laws of our Constitutional democracy.  Obama and his minions are leading the charge in the Resistance that is tearing our country apart.

For both, innocent people are used as pawns in order to further dangerous agendas intended to keep the bad guys in power.