How to Read the News: A Guide for Truth-Seekers

Because my home page is the website, I am able to access news sources from around the world. Although most of the subscribers to the site lean conservative, there is a healthy balance in the comments posted in response to the articles.  Since President Trump’s election, it has become quite predictable to glean whether an article will be positive or negative simply by learning the news source. No matter what the actual news does report, certain sources will spin it with extreme bias. Here’s what I’ve learned about getting the real facts on current events.

No matter how successful the recent summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un turns out, these publications will report it with a “Yes, but” analysis: The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, the New York Daily News, Newsweek, Time, the Daily Mail (UK) and the Miami Herald. Online websites like Politico, Daily Beast, Salon, Media Matters and all the websites of the Major Networks (ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC MSNBC) will do the same. Even the formerly conservative National Review and the Weekly Standard have lost their credibility as right-leaning publications thanks to an abundance of Never Trumpers in charge. The New York Post may be the only local New York City print publication that has maintained a bipartisan editorial status.

The recent MSM and celebrity hysteria about the illegal immigrant children being separated from their alleged parents would have had some impact with voters had not the truth been exposed in the Internet on unbiased websites and twitter posts.  Those pictures of immigrant children sleeping in cages brought tears (crocodile?) to MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow, who apparently failed to note that these heartbreaking photos were taken in 2014 during the Obama administration. The detention center used by the Trump administration was a far cry from Obama’s if one viewed them on one of the more credible news sites like

The truth is out there, but without the Internet and some cable news channels, it’s very hard to find.  If CNN and other leftwing news sources ever lose their access to airports and medical and social service offices, then perhaps there is a chance that the fake news they promote will have lost their captive audience. In the meantime if one is seeking the truth amidst all the hyperbole and hysteria about non existent events, one has to turn to the following online webzines:;; Daily Caller;;;;;,;;; and and of course Although most of these include opinion articles, they include substantial documentation. When I wrote for Breitbart, I was required to present credible documentation for my allegations. Likewise, when I wrote for the New York Sun, my editor made sure that any charges I made about an individual had to include their response to the issue.

It is very important that all op-ed columnists carefully vet the articles they receive via emails. I regularly have to label many emails from readers as hoaxes. If it sounds as if some famous celebrity is ranting about politics that the reader agrees with, I can guarantee it is a hoax, especially if that celebrity is a liberal. Although is a popular fact checking site, it is not free of liberal bias and their analysis is sometimes skewed to excuse unfavorable left wing news.  I am not a fan of Jane Fonda, aka Hanoi Jane, and will never support any of her endeavors; however there are still quite a number of erroneous charges against her activity when she was in Vietnam.  I do not know why anyone would bother to make up fake stories about how she turned in a P.O.W’ s secret letter to the Viet Cong when we already know all about her treasonous presence that she has yet to apologize for. I’ve also had to debunk emails that were purportedly made by George Carlin and the 60 Minute’s crank, Andy Rooney, but were actually made by conservative pundits.

It is a shame that we have to work so hard to learn the real facts of any incident, but the so-called free press that is protected by the Constitution has been so corrupted by unethical liberal bias. Immediately after the shooting at the Maryland newspaper, liberal pundits were blaming President Trump for his Twitter attacks on the media. The alleged shooter, Jarrod Ramos, had a vendetta against the newspaper and had lost a lawsuit against it. It matters not that his hate for the newspaper had been going on since 2012; the left does not let facts get in the way of their eternal campaign against the president.

The truth may still be out there but it is getting harder to discover it in this age of Photoshop, CGI, camera phones, and image manipulation. There are a growing number of new cable networks that promise to deliver unbiased straight news so there is some hope out there. In the meantime I offer this simple guideline to those determined truth seekers who refuse to drink the Kool-Aid.

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