Here's Why Hillary Is Running Again in 2020

That's right: Hillary Clinton is running for president again in 2020.  She has actually ramped up her campaign since her defeat in 2016!  From her Twitter feed to university speeches to appearances abroad – from Ireland to Australia to India – the "I'm with her" campaign continues.  The message remains the same: Donald Trump is racist and sexist, and his supporters are deplorable.  Hillary also continues to preach that she won the 2016 popular vote by 3,000,000 votes, but because of the electoral college (that damn Constitution thing) and RussiaRussiaRussia, she was robbed of her rightful prize and place in history.

Her Path to the Nomination

Hillary has a highly plausible path to the Democratic Party nomination, something no other potential Democrat candidate for president can say.  In the primaries, Hillary Clinton's name recognition and loyal voters would earn her an easy 25% of the vote, while the anti-Hillary vote would split among as many as ten other candidates at about 5-10% each.  This is not dissimilar to what Trump accomplished on the Republican side in 2016.  With a solid base of supporters, Trump was able to win primary after primary while the others split the vote.  Each time someone dropped out, Trump picked up about half of his supporters, with the other half disbursed among the other candidates.  This is a realistic path for Hillary to gain the Democrat nomination, and it is no doubt irresistible to her.

Hillary is the only potential Democrat with big money-raising potential and an existing fundraising mechanism.  That mechanism has been in place for 30 years!  Hillary also has as much as $1 billion in Clinton Foundation donations stashed away for just such a rainy day.  You didn't really think all that Russian oligarch money was sent to hungry children in Haiti, did you?

Hillary knows that the MSM will not only not criticize her for running in 2020, but celebrate her campaign because "she has unfinished business."  Hillary also knows that the MSM will repeat her talking points ad nauseam, as in "the 2016 election was stolen by the Russians" and "she's doing this for women to break the glass ceiling" as they serve up $10 billion in free earned media.  In addition, MSM journalists want jobs in the Hillary Clinton administration and won't risk her famous wrath if she wins.

The 2020 Campaign

Hillary knows that the Electoral College heavily favors Democrats, and that leftist organizers are already working hard in key swing states to register new voters to tip the small balance from 2016.  In addition, there is no doubt that Deep-State leftists will leak embarrassing info on Trump.  There are likely old "Access Hollywood"-style audio tapes hanging around, such as those actor Tom Arnold claims to be harboring that might harm Trump badly at the last minute.

Age will not be a factor for Hillary against Trump in 2020 because they are close to the same age.  Rather, Hillary's 2020 age of 73 forces her to take a last shot at the Oval Office, because by 2024, the party will certainly reject her at age 77 in favor of a young ethnic candidate.

While she knows that defeating Trump might be an uphill battle, Hillary understands it's critical to be in a position to easily take the White House in the event Trump doesn't run in 2020.  She surmises that Trump might not be the Republican nominee in several scenarios, such as impeachment, a health issue, or if he just becomes sick and tired of the persecution of his friends by swamp investigations.

The DNC and the Democrat Establishment

As we learned from WikiLeaks in 2016, the DNC proved effective in quashing opposition to Hillary.  As Trump has said, "between superdelegates and the DNC, Bernie Sanders never stood a chance."  After the 2016 election, Hillary successfully placed her crony, Tom Perez, as head of the DNC to do her future bidding.  Even better, the DNC is broke again due to the $12 million paid to Fusion GPS for Russians to write short stories for $342,857 per page (the 35 pages of expensive fiction known as the "Steele dossier").  A broke DNC provides Hillary the same irresistible opportunity she had in 2016: her campaign will agree to fund the DNC in exchange for calling the shots.  Meanwhile, Hillary is still fundraising for her foundation, drawing donors away from the DNC, with few complaints from Democrats.

With a growing economy and Trump's successes and popularity, Democrat party officials will likely consider beating Trump a long shot anyway.  They may be happy to let Hillary be "cannon fodder" in 2020, which would provide them the excuse to retire the entire old guard of Hillary, Pocahontas, Biden, and Sanders for good.  Democrats will also likely argue among themselves that Donald Trump is the perfect foil to rally the troops against, so four more years of Trump would actually be better for them!  "Trump is racist and sexist" will be the Democrat clarion call to register voters and prepare the base for the ultimate "socialism vs. capitalism" death match for America in 2024, likely with a new ethnic female candidate who is "articulate and bright and clean," as Joe Biden famously imagined Obama to be – and, if possible, even more radical.

The Clintons, because of their money, fixers, connections, and long held positions of power, are still widely feared in the Democratic Party.  Few, if any, Democrats will risk criticizing Hillary Clinton, knowing they may appear in Trump campaign ads.  Such contrariness is hazardous to a Democrat's career and quite possibly to his health!  The phrase "If you mess with the Clintons, you might end up dead" was not born out of fantasy.  Clinton Whitewater partner Jim McDougal put it another way: "the Clintons are like a tornado.  They come into town, destroy everything they touch, and then move on."  Now that the Democrats are mainstreaming harassment and even violent reactions to those who stand in their way, most Democrats will "self-intimidate" and just say nice things about Hillary, even those running against her, helping clear her path to the nomination.

Hillary Never Quits

Hillary's life mantra that she has repeated and written about for years is the lesson she says her mother taught her: "what defines you in life is not getting knocked down, it's about how you get back up."  For Hillary, her 2016 defeat by Trump is the ultimate calling to fulfill her destiny and show the world that she can always "get back up."  In fact, the Clintons have never quit in the face of any adversity – Whitewater, Ken Starr, impeachment, Chinagate, Benghazi, the email server scandal – the list could fill pages.  How do the Clintons get away with a rap sheet that would make Al Capone blush?  By never giving up!  The minute the Clintons quit politics is the minute they risk ostracism, even prosecution. They know that the only way they stay out of jail is to frighten the jailers.

Finally, other than running for president, Hillary really has nothing else to do.  She's not taking yoga classes anymore, and Chelsea's wedding is over.

Get Ready for Hillary in 2020

It is not unrealistic to think Hillary could defeat Trump in the general election.  She lost in 2016 by only a few thousand votes in a few swing states.  Recall that even after her defeat on November 8, 2016, Hillary would not concede.  She was waiting for more votes to be "found" in swing states like Michigan.  In 2020, the Democrats will be deploying their growing expertise in voter ID fraud, early vote-by-mail fraud, registration of illegals fraud, cemetery voting fraud, and likely even voting machine (manufactured by George Soros's company) fraud to help her win (while they perfect illegal tactics for 2024).

If she does take office in 2020, rest assured that Hillary won't leave it up to bumbling FBI texters or the IRS to fix the next election.  As only Hillary knows, she is on the "right side of history" and represents "our values."  If she does win, there will not be another free election in the United States, possibly ever.

America has not seen the last of Hillary Clinton.  In 2020, patriots may once again need to rally to save America from final defeat at the hands of a now openly radical socialist Democratic Party led by Hillary Clinton.

Hollywood film director Joel Gilbert is president of Highway 61 Entertainment.  Among his many films are political documentaries including Trump: The Art of the Insult, There's No Place Like UtopiaDreams from My Real FatherAtomic Jihad, and Farewell Israel, as well as Banished: The Untold Story of Danney Williams.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.