Defining Modern Liberalism

There is a long list of rules one must currently follow before one can be admitted into the club known as modern day liberalism, and a stringent philosophy each member of the club must subscribe to before becoming part of this leftist cult. A cult which is now deeply committed to illogic, virtue signaling and group thought.

Entry into this socialist club is now dependent upon all of its members making a solemn pledge to exist within a state of perpetual childhood. Subscribing to this liberal ideology involves placing the group's feelings above everything else. Shunning personal responsibility and hoping big government can fill the void is the spiritual quest of modern day liberalism. Being part of the collective and forsaking one's individualism has become vital. For most liberals, personal liberty is now something which is to be scorned and forgotten.

Liberal ideologues must now totally place their faith in false narratives and illusion while rejecting truth and reality. The current political agenda of the left now includes:

  • Promoting illegal immigration.
  • Embracing open borders.
  • Calling for the abolition of ICE.
  • Bashing law enforcement without pause.
  • Promising "free" college tuition for everybody.
  • Eliminating the Trump tax-cuts.
  • Using the climate change theory and EPA regulations to destroy the US economy.
  • Creating and implementing a government run single-payer health care system.
  • Unleashing more leftist indoctrination/brainwashing methods within the classrooms.
  • Installing more liberal anti-Constitutional judges within our judicial system -- ideological leftist activist judges who wish to create law rather than interpret it.
  • Cracking down on freedom of speech everywhere, especially on college campuses and on the internet, making it increasingly more difficult for conservative opinions to be expressed or viewed.
  • Doing away with the Second Amendment.
  • Making private property rights a thing of the past.
  • Calling anybody who dares to oppose any type of leftist view a racist or xenophobe.
  • Installing a new Democrat voting bloc of willfully ignorant and impoverished citizens which will become beholden to cradle to grave big government hand-outs.
  • Oh, and of course we can't forget: hating President Trump every single second of each waking day.

The liberals are now making it their mission to replace our Constitutional Republic with a leftist fascist tyranny. They wish to fundamentally change this country into a socialist hell hole, where the people who actually dare to think for themselves become obsolete. Ushering in a dystopia fueled by a society committed to leftist group think is the modern day left's ultimate goal.

For most on the left, it has now become all about the good "old college try," results and accountability simply don't matter much to these people anymore. Existing in a country that hands out an infinite number of participation trophies and an endless amount of government freebies is now what drives the liberal agenda. 

It now has become far too common for the leftist media to advance a false narrative rather than to seek the truth or report on the news fairly. Most liberals in the media have now unabashedly deemed themselves the all-knowing arbiters of truth and the unbiased administrators of justice. The leftist media is currently ushering in a new court/justice system within the United States, a trial-by-media system. A system which now has the media acting as judge, jury and executioner. A heavily biased leftist media which thrives upon indicting the innocent and exonerating the guilty. Selective justice now reigns supreme.

President Trump has become the Left's biggest foe today. Whenever Trump succeeds, the left goes crazy -- mainly because each Trump success highlights the previous administration's failures. The reality-based Trump economy is awakening millions of people who were once under the spell of the Left. The asleep citizens who once naively embraced the Obama administration's “hope and change” mantra are now suddenly waking up. Many people are finally coming to an epiphany regarding the disastrous policies of the previous eight years of Obama and the destructive economic policies of Obama, which put the climate change myth, foreign globalist interests and a Marxist ideology above the safety and welfare of the American people.

President Trump has installed basic common sense tax cuts in order to jump start our economy. His plan is working and this is terrible news for the left. It has become obvious that most citizens prefer to spend more of their own money rather than have the federal government waste it. All this positive economic news is an ominous sign for leftist politicians. Right now liberals are actually rooting for economic destruction. For this is the only way for them to actually win big in the November mid-term elections. For the Left it has become all about staying in power, no matter what the cost.

Hating Trump is the only thing the liberals have remaining in their playbook. Time is running out on the leftists’ lifelong quest to impose socialism on this country. More people are awakening to the Left's Saul Alinsky tactics every day. Dividing people based upon race and class warfare is getting old. Disrespecting our flag is turning many people off. Liberal politicians promising people endless "free" stuff is no longer a promise rational people are willing to take seriously. Calling upon Congress to impeach Trump every single day without any legitimate reason is now showing the whole country how truly unhinged the left has currently become.

Sixty years of leftist propaganda is now backfiring on liberals.  Blaming President Trump for every ill in the world is actually pushing more support in his direction and helping the conservative cause. A great awakening within this nation is occurring and most of the people within the liberal media and Democratic Party are refusing to acknowledge it.

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