Congressman Jason Lewis Tells the Truth about Black Violence

The journalistic hounds at CNN have a new target, a politician whose sin is so egregious – so unthinkable – that it can hardly be spoken aloud: the recently elected congressman from Minnesota disagrees with CNN orthodoxy on race.

And now, with enthusiasm we have not seen since hordes of reporters descended on Rick Perry's boyhood hunting grounds where they found a 30-year-old racial expletive written under a rock, CNN has set out to punish Congressman Jason Lewis.

The sins of the congressman were easy to ferret out.  They came during a stint as a talk show host in Minneapolis around six years ago.

Lewis made the fatal error of questioning whether welfare dependence is good for black people.

Per usual CNN standards, none of the genius CNN talking heads are willing to actually talk with Lewis, other than call him names and say he is a bad person and hope no one notices the difference.

Not that the folks on CNN are shy when they talk about race.  Just a few days ago, CNN host Michael Smerconish actually got into a disagreement with a black editor of the Washington Post, Karen Attiah.

Smerconish was unhappy at a recent decision for Starbucks to close its American stores and subject its 177,000 American employees to racial sensitivity training.  He thought Starbucks should have closed its coffee shops all over the world. 

That was not quite good enough for the WaPo editor: she said all white people need training on how to get along with black people.  And that should take about 100 years.

You have to see these clowns to actually believe it – easy enough to do here on video. Just click the link.

The semi-official Starbucks-CNN policy is that black people are relentless victims of relentless white racism all the time, everywhere, and that explains everything. 

But Lewis strayed from the gospel of black victimization.  This is something that just is not done at CNN.  Here's part of an email from a CNN producer, listing the myriad sins of the congressman:

'First, Lewis said on an August 2012 broadcast that there tended to be trouble at black social gatherings – and that the same could not be said about other social groups.'

"You simply can't say the same thing about other groups," Lewis said to the horror of CNN.  "But when there is a festival, a gathering, call it what you will – June ninth, Juneteenth or urban weekend in Miami Beach or Myrtle Beach and Indianapolis.  When there is a predominantly black festival, there's trouble."

So far, so true.

Earlier that year in March, Lewis made a similar point in saying that "whitey" did not riot over OJ Simpson's acquittal.

"Where were the throngs of lily white people in their Lacoste tennis shoes when OJ Simpson got off and everybody knew the man was guilty?" added Lewis.  "I'm not speaking out of turn.  Isn't he in jail right about now or was?  But regardless, where were the protests?  Where was whitey going, 'no justice, no peace.'

By now it is clear: CNN is angry not because Lewis lied, but because he told the truth.  Worst still, Lewis actually proved it by citing the author of several scintillating bestsellers that document black mob violence and how reporters are in denial, deceit, and delusion about it:

"On the same broadcast, Lewis cited the book "White Girl Bleed A Lot" by far-right commentator Colin Flaherty, also the author of the book, "Don't Make the Black Kids Angry."  The congressman used Flaherty's book to support his theory that white people are "the real victims of racial violence."

Now these knuckleheads are calling me names.  They say everything – on this and other occasions – except "Flaherty is too afraid to appear on CNN."

Reporters and public officials are so eager to spread denial, deceit, and delusion about the reality of black violence wildly out of proportion that they always use one of three excuses: 1) it never happened; 2) white people do it, too; or 3) white people deserve it.

But when asked to produce videos or victims or 911 calls or police reports or witnesses to this tsunami of white violence that must exist in order for crime and violence to be equal among races, CNN reporters get real busy real fast.

Busy reading comic books, washing their hair, riding their bikes, or checking out the newest Brooklyn brew pub.

Or checking out more Lewis quotes:

Another thing the media is ignoring – that's the return of race riots in America, in Chicago, in Philadelphia, and all across the fruited plain, there is a racial war going on[.] ... Remember when we interviewed Colin Flaherty, author of a White Girl Bleed A Lot, where he documents, from Minneapolis to Portland to Miami to Philadelphia, the violent racial crime that's going on, and most of it black on white, but the media choose to ignore that as well.  Now, no one can discount the horrible legacy of slavery.  No one can discount the sin of America's past – but the chances today, and I want to be clear about this, I know it's provocative, but I want to be clear – the chances today of a gang of KKK members beating up a black kid are remote compared to the opposite.  A gang of black on white crime.

True again.

If Lewis (and my books and videos) were wrong, how easy would it be to show it?

They would if they could.  But they can't.  So they don't.

Colin Flaherty is the author of that scintillating bestseller, Don't Make the Black Kids Angry.  The brainiacs at CNN hope you and your friends stay away from it.