Black Crime Gets Crazier

Whatever you thought crazy was, put it aside.  Because no matter what you think is the craziest story of black violence – and the denial, deceit, and delusion surrounding it – this recent story out of Oakland is way past that.

It began simply and sadly enough on a BART system in the Oakland area.  Two younger black people killed two older white guys.  The reaction from BART was as predictable as it was lame: BART is safe; murder and violence are isolated; and no, you cannot see the videos from any of the hundreds of cameras in the stations.

Then, over the weekend, John Lee Cowell, a white guy, met two black women, Nia Wilson and her sister, on BART.  He cut their throats, killing Nia.

Soon the streets of Oakland were full of black protesters, wondering why white people are able to get away with so much murder against black people.  Many took to Twitter as well.  "White supremacy slashes throats, it stabs, it lynches, and continues to kill our people in horrific ways," said one Twitter poster.  It is evil.  "Don't tell us to play patty-cake with it."  And on and on this went by the thousands: black people bitterly complaining about white-on-black crime and how cops in places like Oakland never do anything about it.

The only other explanation is one that just happened to be true: crime in Oakland, one of America's most dangerous cities, is a black thing, wildly out of proportion.  Anyone who cannot see that is in full denial, deceit, and delusion.

BART commuters are often its keenest witnesses.

In 2015, the crime on BART trains was so bad that BART created an app where riders could document any chaos or violence or lawlessness, then automatically send it to BART.

After a year, the geniuses at the East Bay Express ascertained that black ridership on BART was about 11 percent, but complaints against black people made up about 70 percent of the info from the app.  It did not take long to figure out that the app was racist, and it was soon never heard from again.

Flash forward to less than a year ago: 50-70 black people rampaged through a BART station, beating and robbing a few white passengers – just the latest in a series of black mob violence at BART trains and stations.  Some fatal.  Most ignored.  All treated as a symptom of white racism.

All with videotape that BART executives refused to share for the craziest of reasons: BART executives said doing so would be "embarrassing to minorities."  And no, I do not expect you to believe that unless you see it for yourself.  So here's an excerpt from a recent video I did.  Just click here: BART refuses to release videos.

If that is not enough, try this on for size: an article I wrote about it at the time for American Thinker with lots of links.  Just click here.

Just a few weeks ago, BART was back in the news when it was revealed that 66% of the people banned from BART for criminal behavior are black.  More racism, of course, said the people who were loath to consider, even for a second, that black people on BART create holy Hell six times more than their ridership should.

It is not just Oakland.  Even as black people in Oakland were revving up their protests to remember Nia Wilson and protest this tsunami of fictitious white-on-black crime, black-on-white murder proceeded apace around the rest of the country the same way it always does: wildly out of proportion.

In Atlanta, a middle-aged white restaurant manager, Christian Broder, was visiting his home town for a wedding when a black person recently out of jail killed him.  The killer was supposed to be staying in a "diversion program" instead of finishing a sentence for violent crime.  But even after he was caught brandishing guns and drugs on social media with some of his bros before the murder, he was soon free again.  Free to kill Christian.

In Natchitoches, Louisiana, Felicia Marie-Nicole Smith, a black woman, is under arrest for kidnapping, murdering, then burning a six-month-old white child, Levi Cole Ellerbe.

So far, no protests.  Not even an angry Twitter stream.

This is a long list from just recently.  In North Portland, Oregon, a black man killed a white woman and burned her.  I guess that's a black thing, too.

In Bradenton, Massachusetts, a black person is wanted for killing a couple of white kids.  

From Baltimore to Oakland, a common reaction to black-on-white crime is that only white privilege gives white people living near black people an expectation of safety.  Besides, everyone knows there is no difference between black crime rates and white crime rates. 

White people do it, too.

Just because something is easily shown to be the greatest lie of our generation, that does not mean that lots and lots and lots of people refuse to say it over and over and over again. 

Colin Flaherty is just about the worst person on this planet, said CNN a few days ago.  That's because he wrote a scintillating bestseller titled Don't Make the Black Kids Angry, which documents black violence wildly out of proportion.  Worse still, lots of people read it.  Sorry, not sorry, CNN.

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