Waiting for the Next Religion

What is to be done about the political injustice of Barack’s Spygate? Or the cultural injustice of bumping Roseanne off ABC for a drug-addled racist tweet while celebrities “in the family” get to skate?

For some folks like David Solway these “desperate times” mean getting mobilized for “revolution.” For alt-rightist Vox Day it means doubling down on nationalism and a muscular Christianity. For Jonah Goldberg it means a “three point program” of a new “moral consensus,” less nationalism, and getting power out of Washington.

But six months ago I read John C. Wright asserting that the Breitbart quote “politics is downstream from culture” is incomplete. That’s because culture is downstream from religion. So repeat after me:

Politics is downstream from culture is downstream from religion.

Yeah, religion. You could look it up.

Roy Rappaport: “No society known to anthropology or history is devoid of what reasonable observers would agree is religion.”

So when we are battling with our lefty friends we are not in a political fight, nor even a cultural fight. We are in a religious war, for leftism is the first religion that came along to fill the hole in the soul created when the philosophers declared that God was Dead.

Leftism is the religion that says that Activists are called to save the victims of the world by politics. That is to say, by force.

I say it is a false religion.

But nothing is going to change until we come up with something better that would persuade the hearts and minds of Good Little Liberal Boys and Good Little Liberal Girls to take down their #WeBelieve yard signs. We need a new religion that will lead to Jonah’s new “moral consensus.”

Now, I consider myself something of a dull dog, but one who has actually read a book. In consequence, I assume that if I have realized the existence of a problem, then almost certainly some smarter dog has already solved it.

But what is the new religion going to be? I will tell you. It is explained by my analysis of the Gods of the Three Peoples and the problem with the gods of our lefty friends, the People of the Creative Self.

The Problem is that the religion of our lefty friends is a war on the middle class, the People of the Responsible Self, the ordinary people of jobs and mortgages, and marriage and children.

The original call-to-arms for this war was Marx’s prophecy that the new bourgeoisie had to be stopped from exploiting and oppressing the workers as the feudal lords had exploited their peasants. Only the bourgeoisie didn’t do that. Instead it gave the workers the vote. So no need for a war.

So? What about slavery? We abolished it because it did not pay. What about blacks? We gave them civil rights. What about women? We gave them everything. Gays? They got gay marriage. Trans? They are in the middle of getting bathrooms.

Do you see the point? You do not have to make war on the middle class to get what you want. You just have to persuade us.

So we need a new religion for the People of the Creative Self, one that celebrates creativity without declaring war on the deplorable middle class. The best thing would be to celebrate both creativity and responsibility while still caring for the traditionally marginalized and exploited.

Did you know that there is a chap out there who wrote a book about this, that the highest and best human was the sacrificial, creative hero exploring courageously on the border between order and chaos, bringing the dangerous unknown world into the known world? As opposed to the lefty creative activist and his gospel of force. And this guy has also written a best-seller about getting responsible and cleaning up your room.

What is interesting about this man is that he risked his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor -- or as we say now: his career, his pension, and his reputation -- as a sacrificial hero opposing the Canadian C-16 law about transgender pronouns.

To the left, Jordan Peterson is obviously the anti-activist. But alt-righter Vox Day calls him a charlatan. That’s the thing about prophets. They are all charlatans until they aren’t.

So what’s going to happen? Solway’s revolution, Vox Day’s reactive nationalism, or Jonah’s new “moral consensus?” My guess is all of the above.

The key is the moral consensus. Inspired by the new religion we will all agree that for creatives to rag on the deplorables is vile. Whenever a Good Little Girl hears the vile accusation of “hate speech” she will say “Like, I can’t believe I heard that.” And as for fencing minorities into identity groups to stop them from rising into the middle class, Sasha and Malia Obama will both insist it is not “who we are.”

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