Tommy Robinson's Last Stand

Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment and the events that followed show just how swiftly Britain has become Sharia-compliant. The country has already submitted to its dhimmi status within Islam even though their Muslim population makes up just 5% of the country’s total population.

 According to The Dhimmi: Jews & Christians Under Islam by Bat Yeor, dhimmi is an Arabic term used to describe the second-class status of non-Muslims in Islamic-conquered lands. Sharia deemed dhimmis to be subjugated individuals with fewer legal and human rights than Muslims. Laws in these lands denied due process to dhimmis. Strict rules of behavior r vis-à-vis the conquering Muslims were enforced by law. Dhimmis by law had to treat Muslims with deference, meaning they had to control their natural resentments against their subjugation or else face severe punishments. They had to, for example, not wear certain colors. Their dress had to be distinctive and identify them as dhimmis so as to prevent non-Muslims from walking in Muslim areas or mixing with Muslims.  

The tragedy of Britain’s appeasement is that its dhimmitude is being enforced for the most part by the non-Muslim British majority -- by the British police, the British elites, the British media, and the British government -- while there is a campaign of terror being waged against the sensible majority who rightly resist being made into dhimmi subjects while they still constitute the demographic majority.

There is no better example of their submission to Sharia than the gag order placed on media coverage of the so-called “grooming gangs” trials. This gag order is so extreme that, according to Craig Biddle, British censors will not allow his article “Tommy Robinson’s Right to Free Speech Morally Trumps All Laws that Violate It,” to be shared on social media sites in the UK simply because the names of the Muslim defendants are included. He writes on June 19:

Because the original version of the article includes an excerpt from The Sun listing names of the defendants in the Leeds child-rape trial mentioned herein, UK censors have blocked the original article from being shared on social media in the UK. This version of the article has the “offending” material removed, and thus presumably will make it past the censors.

Just think about this for a moment. The names of the defendants can be found at any court website. This is public information. It is the names of the rape victims that are typically supposed to be kept anonymous so that their identity would not be exposed and presumably their trauma not exacerbated. These defendants are being given the privilege of anonymity to continue to make a living and presumably to carry on with any nefarious grooming that they may be called to take part in.

Peter McLoughlin has been banned from Twitter and Facebook for shining a light on the depth of the problem through his book Easy Meat: Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal which contains extensive documentation of the massive cover-up in Rotherham that allowed Muslim gangs to continue their sex trafficking and rape of native English Christian and Sikh girls for many decades. He is at present the only Brit who maintains statistics on such cases at his website.

On June 13, rumors arose that Tommy Robinson had been moved to a heavily Muslim prison. Well-known Robinson supporters such as Raheem Kassan, Alex Jones, and Katie Hopkins posted videos suggesting that Robinson was in grave danger.  There was a near-hysterical atmosphere among the #FreeTommy crowd, and yet the British establishment remained largely silent.

The following day, Milo Yiannopolis posted a video facetiously titled “Tommy Robinson Scandal: UK Prime Minister Speaks Out.”  In reality, Prime Minister Theresa May offered no statement at all on Tommy Robinson’s prison transfer. Instead, she published her annual Eid Al Mubarak video, illustrating once again yet more proof of the country’s complete dhimmitude:

It has been said that on Eid Al-Fitr it seems as though all the noise suppressed for a month has concentrated itself into one night. But, of course, the end of Ramadan is about more than simply having fun. It’s a time for Muslims to come together with family, friends and neighbors. It’s an opportunity for spiritual renewal, a chance to help those less fortunate and give thanks for all that is good in your life. And it is an opportunity for all of us here in the UK to reflect on and celebrate the incredible contribution to our national life made by Britain’s three million Muslims.

It has been a surreal month for Britain. On the day of Robinson’s arrest, protestors chanted and climbed the gates of Downing Street, and the prime minister said nothing. The judge ruling on Robinson’s case declared that no British media outlets were allowed to publish any stories on Robinson’s arrest and imprisonment -- an unprecedented breach of freedom of speech -- and the prime minister said nothing.

Yet Downing Street on June 14 puts out a video celebrating Eid Al Mubarak and the contribution of Britain’s three million Muslims. As one commenter on YouTube stated, it is as if Prime Minister May is one of those misfortunate individuals in the orange jumpsuits with a sword being held to her throat, saying nothing about anything that truly matters, only parroting the words of what she is being told to say by her puppeteers.

The British people seem to be suffering from Stockholm syndrome. I just hope it’s not too late to wake them before their country goes the way of Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, and all of the other formerly Christian lands.

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