They're calling you stupid. That's right: you.

Every time you hear some young hip woke leftist at a technology company like Facebook telling you he needs to protect you from fake news, remember that what he's saying is that you're a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal who is too stupid to figure out that it's okay for good people like Hillary to break the law.  In fact, he's saying the majority of Americans are too intellectually challenged to discriminate between fact and fiction.

Historically, "common" folk were able to figure out that the National Enquirer's stories about two-headed alien Elvis clones are fake and even that professional wrestling is staged.  They were able to see through the lies of Nazis and communists.  Yet for some reason, we're now being told that we need our betters to protects us from what they think we shouldn't read because we're just too stupid to differentiate between what's true and what's not.

The truth is that leftists are not interested in protecting us from lies.  After all, if they did that, they'd all have to stop writing.  Rather, the left wants to convince us that lies are the truth and that the truth is lies.  Leftists need that to advance their agenda, which is ensuring that they can run every aspect of our lives.

The reality is that when leftists talk about fake news, they're really talking about the truth, and when they talk about the truth, they're really talking about fake news.

Look at the Mueller investigation.  It's supposedly about Russia colluding with Trump to swing the election.  Yet, to date, there is no evidence that that happened at all.  But the woke leftists who want to censor your news declare that it's a "fact" that Trump did illegally collude – even though collusion is not a crime – with the Russians.

Even worse, we know for a fact that Hillary did collude with the Russians by paying a former British spy to work with the Russians to get lies about Trump – lies that she weaponized both during the campaign and afterward.  Yet, according to our woke betters, talking about that is fake news.

Leftists know they will never win if people have the truth, so, like their fascist predecessors in Nazi Germany and the various communist regimes, they are desperately trying to flip our perception, making us think lies are truth and that truth is lies.

To some extent, the folks at Facebook and Google aren't actually evil because they have never been trained to think, and they've been indoctrinated in college, so they honestly believe in lies rather than the truth.

An example of this is a student on-the-street interview, where, when asked if a Christian baker should be forced to bake a cake for a same-sex ceremony being called a wedding, the students say yes, but then, when asked if a black baker should be forced to bake a cake for the KKK, they suddenly realize that their position on the Christian baker has problems.

Their bigotry towards the Christian baker is not the result of them having actually thought about the issue; rather, it comes from their having been propagandized by their schools and the media.

They've been convinced that the truth, that people should be allowed to practice their faith, is a lie and that a lie, making gays go to a different baker is persecuting gays, is the truth.

This leads us to a deeper truth: the young woke folks who want to censor the truth are the tools of the powerful rich leftist elites who dominate our culture in the media, in academia, and in entertainment.

To derail the effort, we need to change the discussion.  We can't let the woke Silicon Valley billionaires define the narrative to be about stopping lies, because that's not what it's about.

Instead, we need to convince people that the issue is whether or not a bunch of very rich, very white techno-geeks should be allowed to censor the information we get.

Conservatives don't argue for the silencing of liberal voices precisely because we believe in free speech.  But the woke leftists' concept of free speech is that speech they approve of is okay, but speech they don't approve of needs to be suppressed.

That's why leftists support or at least tolerate Antifa and P.C. speech codes.

It's hard to imagine anything worse for truly free speech than putting a bunch of 20-somethings who have been indoctrinated to believe that the First Amendment doesn't cover "hate" speech in charge of defining what news we can and can't see.  It's like putting the KKK in charge of deciding which stories involving blacks can be reported or the Westboro Baptists in charge of censoring all religion-related news.

What Facebook, et al. are doing is censorship.  It's not suppressing news that is truly fake, because one man's fake is another man's truth when leftists are involved.  For example, leftists declare that DNA doesn't determine someone's sex, that human life doesn't begin at conception, and that mankind is destroying the Earth via climate change.  They will censor real news that disagrees with those faith-based anti-science assumptions.

That's not a prediction; it's a fact.  The L.A. Times has already declared that it won't even print letters to the editor by people who reject the warmists' hysterical claims about the environment.

When talking with your friends, family, and co-workers, make sure to reframe the discussion from "Should Facebook, et al. protect us from fake news?" to "Should Facebook, et al. be able to censor the news we see?"

Advocate for education rather than censorship.  Demand that students at all levels be taught critical thinking about politics, just as they're currently taught to think critically about ads and spam.

By casting the leftist cabals at the major internet companies as wanting to censor what we see, it'll be easier to force them to end their practices, either because they don't want their brands tarnished or because Congress will act to eliminate their ability to censor anything that isn't illegal.

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