The Right to Discriminate

The left has created a macabre myth that runs counter to the whole experience of mankind.  The left has persuaded the gullible masses of America, including, sadly, most conservatives, that "discrimination" by individuals and businesses is wrong and that it violates the Constitution.

Precisely the opposite is true.  All serious cognition and all honest moral judgments involve discrimination.  When individuals and businesses are not free to discriminate, then the power to determine what is true and false and good and bad becomes the sole property of the state – or that even more odious creature, that lobotomized Frankenstein monster, "society."

Instead of diverse opinions and actions freely manifest, which are what happens when the state and society are denied the power to force a certain viewpoint down the throats of private citizens and enterprises, what happens is that all debate, all differences, and all individuality are crushed based upon what those who run the state or manipulate society deem sacrosanct.

Consider the "facts" upon which the Colorado Civil Rights Commission ruled against the Christian baker who refused to make a wedding cake for the same-sex couple.  The thick-necked bigots and ignoramuses on that commission stated as historical "facts" that religion – which always means Christianity to leftists – was used to justify the Holocaust and slavery.

In fact, as anyone with an open mind and a modest knowledge of modern history knows, the Holocaust was the direct consequence of the de-Christianization of Germany.  This was generally accepted by Jews in the West as well, and the "racialism" upon which Nazi hatred of Jews grew was rejected by Christians throughout virtually all history.  Germany, in which Christianity was almost dead by 1914, provided naturally the most fertile soil for the evil precepts of racialism, which is why Nazism took root only in Germany..

Beyond that, the only people who resisted Nazi anti-Semitism and the Holocaust were the Christians of Europe – a fact noted by many Jewish authors writing at the time, like Rabbi Stephen Wise, who wrote in 1934: "I thank God that in America and England above all and in other lands as well, the voices of Christians have been heard in protest against the unutterable wrongs of Hitlerism against the Jewish people."  Rabbi Morris Lazaron in 1938 wrote:

Never in history has organized Protestantism throughout the world bestirred itself so in defense of the Jew and to protect the Jew.  More Catholic leaders than ever before have lifted their voices in condemnation of the racial fixation that dictators have used to bait the Jew[.] ... No more glorious page is being written in Christian history than that which Christianity is writing in Germany today.  Christianity may yet be the rock on which the German dictatorship will destroy itself.

The chief rabbi of Rome, the rabbi of the oldest synagogue in the world, converted to Christianity after the Second World War ended because he was so moved by the courageous and unflinching actions by Christians in Europe to save Jews from the Holocaust, often at the cost not only of their lives, but of the lives of their families.

Even more bizarre is smearing Christianity with the defense of slavery.  This relates solely to blacks being considered the "Children of Ham," an argument no Christians outside the South accepted and most devout Christians in the South rejected. 

Slavery had existed everywhere in the world and was condoned by every religion except Christianity, albeit Judaism provided protections for Jews that other faiths did not.  The crusade to end slavery was an exclusively Christian endeavor, and this included every branch of Christianity.  Even the simplest leftist simpleton at one time or another must have heard the Battle Hymn of the Republic, the song on the lips of Union soldiers fighting and dying in battle:  "As He died to make men holy, let us live to make men free.  Our God is marching on."

Christian opposition to slavery extended not simply to lands within Christendom, but to the rest of the world, wherever Christian power or influence held sway, to free the slaves of Islam or Buddhism or American Indian tribes or African tribes, who held more slaves than Christendom ever possessed.

If forcing people to accept the conception of truth and morality by raw political power were right, then the state and society ought to compel the world to accept the Christian or Judeo-Christian value system.  That is something that neither Christians nor Jews have sought.

When individuals and businesses can discriminate, then common sense and the marketplace will diminish stupid and wicked opinions and amplify wise and good opinions, all of which is done without laws, judges, or dullards like the members of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.  

This does not mean all malignancies in consensual human interactions are magically cured, but surely even the slowest mule in the leftist pack train accepts that the lash of the state seldom makes any social problem better.  We cannot make Heaven on Earth, and when the state tries to do that, it invariably makes Hell on Earth instead.

Individual discrimination thwarts that greatest evil of our age: totalitarianism.  The heart of liberty, which is the heart of all decent government, is the right to discriminate according to what each individual mind and soul thinks best.  It is proper and timely for conservatives to quit sheepishly defending this right and to instead boldly proclaim that the individual alone, not the state, has the moral prerogative to discriminate.

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