The Left's Alternate Universe

A tweet by Judd Apatow caught my eye this morning. I wouldn't know any of his work unless you showed me credits with his name in them, so I'm not picking on him in particular. And I don't follow him -- it was a retweet by someone else. It serves to demonstrate the ways in which the Left has descended into its alternate universe.

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of "alternate universes," it's a concept from quantum theory often encountered in science fiction that our universe isn't the only one out there. Other, parallel "universes," some similar, some not at all, exist within a "multiverse." Somehow this sounds like a Longfellow poem. How many verses are there in "Song of Hiawatha?" But I digress.

Let's look at Judd Apatow's alternate universe.

Let's walk through the claims. First, "Trump is a Nazi."

Nazism was extreme nationalism that exterminated anyone who was not "German" in areas that Germany controlled under the Third Reich. Six and a half million people – Jews and Gypsies -- were killed to achieve lebensraum, with a "master race" theory at the center of the program. Trump has not proposed killing anyone.

"He wants no judicial process."

This "authoritarian" President sat quietly for the year and a half that it took for the Supreme Court to finally dismiss the legal opposition to his national security travel restrictions. This involved multiple courts and three cycles of opposition. I'd think an authoritarian would simply take up a pen and a phone to do whatever he wanted.

"He kidnapped children…"

This is a complete fabrication. But when did the left care about truth? After all, in their postmodern philosophical world, truth is simply a social construct, with no further importance. Therefore, they can make this truth claim and it cannot be rebutted.

But in fact, for the minority of illegal alien children in ICE custody who were actually accompanied by their parents, the law required that they be separated after twenty days. If you are wondering about that, look up the Flores Consent Order. Trump has directed the Department of Justice to take that back to Court. Oh wait... that can't be true. Trump "wants no judicial process."

"He… commits acts of violence for political gain."

Did this come from Star Trek's "Mirror Universe?" It certainly doesn't resemble anything that happened in this one. On the other hand, it was the left who torched a Muslim's limousine on inauguration day, destroyed property in Berkeley when a conservative speaker was scheduled, beat up peaceful Trump supporters on multiple occasions, and on, and on. When Trump calls out "get him out of here" at rallies, he's calling for security to do their job. He has never called for violence against anyone. But Maxine Waters???

"…his racist views."

This is a real head scratcher. It has been thrown at Trump from day one, but there has never been a single bit of evidence to support it. The best anyone can come up with is his comment that there were "good people on both sides" at the Charlottesville riot. I could argue that he was wrong on both sides. But the left screams that he was supporting the white racists. This is the same claim they made when he didn't disavow David Duke fast enough. Of course, the fact that he had disavowed David Duke long before the left got upset didn't matter. The disavowal didn't exist in their universe.

"He admires violent dictators."

The only support for this was Trump's comment that Putin was a leader. My recent visit to Russia confirms that most Russians agree with Trump on that point. OMG!

Trump never said that he agreed with the direction that Putin is leading Russia. In fact, he has punished Putin far more than Obama did. But in the left's universe, observing that a bad guy is a leader is definite evidence of admiration, and the stuff of a bromance. But in the real universe?

"Soon we will have proof that he is a Nazi supported by the Russians." Need I say more?

Why bother pointing all this out? Most thinking people realize that the Left is in an alternate universe that touches reality only at the point of violence. But does the left recognize it's in that alternate universe? The results of the Democrat primary in the NY14 Congressional District imply that they do not. An avowed socialist who wants to do away with borders, supply womb-to-the-tomb government health care, and God-knows-what other unachievable giveaways defeated a ten-term incumbent by double digits.

The far-left universe is not only removed from reality in terms of the reality of who our President is, they are removed from the reality of who Trump's supporters are. Because we support this "evil" person, we are similarly evil. Their problem is, to paraphrase Jonathan Haidt, an inability to understand that someone who sees things differently from them is fully human. This is a prescription for electoral disaster.

When you run for election, you must convince a majority of the electorate that you are the best choice being presented. That means that you must find a way to connect with them. But when your entire universe is devoted to declaring that their universe is flawed, it's unlikely that you are going to get any traction. For example:

  • If you got a pay raise with the tax cut, how does declaring it "crumbs" and "We'll repeal it" make you feel warm and fuzzy?
  • If it looks like the Democrat is more concerned about the fate of illegal aliens than that of American citizens, how does that instill confidence in American citizens?
  • If you like the fact that President Trump has successfully backed Kim Jong-un away from the brink of nuclear war, how does the lefty claim that he's a warmonger play with you?
  • If you've seen the legacy media make so many outrageous false claims about President Trump that you've turned them off, how is the left going to make you listen to them again?

In short, when the left has completely divorced itself from the reality that most of America experiences, how is the left supposed to persuade you to vote for them? You can't hear them because the left doesn't speak your language!

For Trump supporters, freedom-loving conservatives have a very warm market, with 90% approval ratings. For undecideds, the question will revolve around whether the candidate actually speaks to them. Champions who understand that most Americans want to be rewarded for their labors and left alone by the government will do well. Only in left-wing enclaves with the alternate-universe candidates make a strong showing.

Have you gotten tired of winning yet?

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