The Key to Trump's Success in North Korea

Who would have thought a real estate developer from New York City, famous for plastering his name in big letters on his buildings, would be a champion in foreign policy? Big surprise: It turns out that being confident, tough, and aggressive works well for a president dealing with dangerous pipsqueaks like ISIS and North Korea. Trump isn't intimidated by anybody.  Not by business rivals, not by critics, not by rogue FBI agents, not by foreign leaders.  Certainly not by failed experts who urge meekness, caution, and limited goals.  Our president is devoted to one thing: winning for America.  He does listen to our military and work with its members to achieve the possible.  He does understand how power works.  Korea could thumb its nose at us because it was protected by China.  So, first, Trump removed that protection by going after China.  The astute Sundance at Conservative Treehouse has been pointing...(Read Full Article)