SPLC Exposes Epidemic of Nonexistent White-on-Black Violence

Much to the relief of news directors everywhere, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) released this week its long-awaited report about the Biggest Lie that the baddest people believe: The myth of black on white crime.

The real problem is white on black violence, says the SPLC in its new fairy tale called “Hate: The Biggest Lie.” And this white on black crime has been going on for a long time, doing a lot of damage, including from killers like Dylan Roof.

And besides, says the report at great length, Roof is merely the intellectual love child of other really really bad people like William Shockey and Jared Taylor whose work includes the unanswerable -- even unaskable -- questions: What’s up with all this black violent crime? And why is black on white crime so wildly out of proportion?

And what would happen to the real numbers for black crime look if we eliminated witness intimidation, stitches for snitches, and the self-fulfilling prophecy of getting rid of the cradle to prison pipeline because there are too many black people in prison for no reason whatsoever? (Spoiler Alert: They would go from very very bad, to ridiculously bad.)

Any how do so many people get away with blaming all this black criminal dysfunction on other people?

The SPLC cares desperately about these questions: That is why they work so hard to make sure no one is allowed to ask them.

What a long and transparent list this is:

In Chicago, this year’s sport is riding the subway to that city’s nicest neighborhoods and attacking white people. Local news calls the hundreds of black perps “teens” and pretend there are no dots to connect.

Cops at the Second City Blog site don’t have problem saying what they see on the streets -- but never in Chicago’s legacy media: Black crime is out of control and spreading.

It's not hard to find similar violence and denial in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Brooklyn, New Orleans, and hundreds of other Chocolate Cities. And let’s not forget Des Moines (Beat Whitey Night!), Cedar Rapids, Omaha, Springfield, (Missouri or Illinois or Ohio, it does not matter), and lots of other cities in the Heartland where people used to think they were safe to the point of boredom. Not anymore.

Now they wonder what happened to their once peaceful towns. And why so many people pretend black crime is not ruining yet another city. And why they have to go along with this delusion.

As long as SPLC keeps reassuring them, news directors will keep ignoring increasingly insistent emails from more and more viewers asking the same question: How can you be in such denial, deceit, and delusion about the pattern of black crime and violence we see on your channel every night?

After muttering something about the unreliability of “anecdotal evidence” (read: news stories) of black on white crime, they return to what they do with the most enthusiasm but least amount of video: reminding people of the enormous amount of imagined white racism and white on black violence that black people must suffer every day at the hands of bigots.

It’s a long list: so long that Pulitzer prize winners and public officials across the country are now insisting that white people simply stop calling police when they see black people breaking the law. 

So long that Starbucks paid for 177,000 white employees to learn about white racism and black victimization that apparently runs rampant at that ultimate hipster haven.

News directors cannot get enough of that, the coffee or the fairy tales. Now Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook also depend on the SPLC as their curator of what is real and what is not.

Yet black crime and denial continues. And if you do not know the numbers by now, there is only one reason: you don’t want to know them.

My own favorite story comes out of a Chicago courtroom: A 20-year-old California white girl was arrested at a Chicago airport for acting crazy. A day later city officials decided she was too crazy even for jail, so they released her into the biggest and baddest and blackest neighborhood of South Chicago.

No phone. No money. No nothing. Within a few hours she was raped and thrown off a seven-story building by a group of black people. She lived, barely.

Her family sued the Chicago police, saying they put her in danger by releasing her in that black neighborhood. They brought in a famous sociologist from Harvard University who introduced the surprised judge and jury and even more stunned reporters to the idea of Routine Activity Theory:  white people in black neighborhoods can expect to be routine victims of black violence.

Yes, that applies to Asians in black neighborhoods. But not black people in white neighborhoods -- sorry about that, SPLC.

The judge ruled against the city and the $22.4 million settlement stands as the largest in Chicago history. In his ruling, he said the white girl would have been safer had the police taken her down and released her in the lion’s cage at the Chicago Zoo.

The ruling got little attention in Chicago, and almost none outside of it. Certainly none from the SPLC. But it was fully documented in that scintillating bestseller Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.

That’s as good as reason as any to visit what was supposed to be one of the nicest entertainment districts in America: Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. For more than ten years, large groups of black people from nearby housing projects (ooops!) have turned this plaza into a frequent and predictable site of large-scale black mob violence and even some garden variety “give me your money” assaults and murders.

The former mayor -- now Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver -- talked about the riots and how he was not in favor of the increasingly popular curfew: “All that is going to do is make a lot of black kids angry,” he prophesied correctly.

Black on white crime in Kansas City is still a thing. So is blaming it on white racism. 

One of the pioneers of the “blame black crime on white racism” movement is Judge Susan Dlott out of Cincinnati. In the law game, she is revered for her early rulings that essentially outlawed racial profiling.

Race has nothing to do with crime, she said over and over. And if it does, well… it’s really all about poverty, not black on white hostility. Thanks again SPLC.

Anyway, just a few years ago, the judge and her uber-successful trial lawyer husband were enjoying the good life as Cincinnati’s most prominent liberal couple in the largest mansion in their region when several people broke in and did a bit of pistol whipping and threatening and robbing of the judge and her elderly husband.

The judge managed to escape.  And after running barefoot in the snow for two miles to reach a phone, the first thing she did was throw her ruling out the window and described her attackers as black to the 911 operator.

The second thing she did was describe her attackers as black again. All caught on video: Colin Flaherty and Judge Dlott.

No talk about poverty. Or class. Or economic desperation like something out of Les Miserables.

Her racial description helped police find a carful of black people who had just left her house.

In the end, it was just another black on white home invasion robbery, with a heap of violence tossed in for good measure. For you numbers freaks, this is a black thing, with black rates of this kind of crime exceeding whites by 5, 10, or 100 times, depending.

Throw in Asian numbers, and that disparity is multiplied by hundreds.

Now the SPLC says that is all a lie. The Biggest Lie. Doing the most damage. So please ignore the videos, the victims, the 911 calls, the witnesses, and all the rest of the relentless hardcore evidence of black on white crime, violence, denial, and hostility to the contrary. 

It’s all anecdotal. 

News directors may return to their all-white, gated communities with private police forces now. Where they and their neighbors cannot wait to open the mail they receive from America’s most successful direct-mail money grabbers.

Pedaling the greatest lie of our generation: the hoax of black victimization.

Colin Flaherty has written more about the hoax of black victimization in books, videos and articles than anyone. The SPLC says he is a very bad person -- so bad that he created a climate of hate that caused Moslems to bomb the Boston Marathon. He is the author of Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.

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