Roseanne Barr and the Death of Mercy

Roseanne Barr's comment was offensive, and she herself has said it is indefensible.  She has apologized for it and offered not as an excuse, but as an extenuating circumstance that it was late and she'd taken Ambien.

Also, there is no evidence to date that Barr has acted in a discriminatory or racist way in the past.  We have no reason to doubt her apology or to believe she's secretly a KKK member.

Hence, in a Christian society, her apology would have been accepted, and while she may have been punished, people wouldn't demand or rejoice at the destruction of her career.

The problem is that the left has continually repudiated Christian values and replaced them with a dualist approach to life, where any crime by someone who is a leftist can be excused or ignored but any perception of a crime by someone who is not part of the left can be condemned and the person punished to whatever extent is possible.

For example, Robert Byrd was a long-serving Democratic senator.  He also was a legal official for the West Virginia KKK.  One would think that founding a KKK chapter and raising funds for the KKK is a bit more odious than one tweet. Yet the left extolled Senator Byrd and declared that since he'd apologized, all was well.

This establishes that the left is eager to forgive racism so long as the racist is a Democrat.

Then there's Bill Clinton.  He was accused of sexual harassment and even rape, but the left said it didn't matter.  He didn't even have to apologize.  Even with the birth of the #MeToo movement, Bill has been pretty much been given a pass.  Of course, the sincerity of the left's commitment to #MeToo is questionable, given that they knew about the powerful, mostly left-wing, men like Harvey Weinstein for years and did nothing.  Only when the left thought it could weaponize sexual abuse to attack Trump did Weinstein become expendable.

This establishes that the left is eager to forgive sexual harassers so long as they are more useful in advancing the left's agenda than condemning them would be.

Another example of how the left will forgive pretty much anything done by a leftist is the case of Richard Dawkins, the famous atheist who now says he's an agnostic.  Dawkins declared that "mild" pedophilia is not that big a deal and, when confronted about it, defended his position.  Eventually, he had to backtrack, and when he did, he was given a clean bill of health by the leftist establishment.

This establishes that the left is eager to forgive those who defend pedophilia so long as they advance the leftist agenda.

Sane Americans are upset about the Barr incident not because they think she should go unpunished for her tweet, but because the leftist establishment's indignation is so highly selective.

Leftists can forgive being in the KKK, sexually harassing, and even raping women, and saying that "mild" pedophilia is okay, but it can't forgive one late-night tweet.

It's clear that the left in persecuting Barr is not actually doing so because of any opposition leftists have to racism because she, like Senator Byrd, has apologized.  But his apology was accepted and hers wasn't. 

As President Trump has pointed out, the left is fully supportive of vicious personal attacks on those who aren't part of the left, including equating people like Bush with the Nazis.  The "comedian" Michelle Wolf hurled insults that were far worse than what Barr did, for Barr's insult was about a person's appearance, whereas Wolf attacked Sarah Sanders's character, but instead of being condemned, she still has a show on Netflix where she continues to hurl personal insults at Sanders.  It's one thing to say a person's politics are bad; it's quite another to say the person is bad.

Even worse, the left has openly declared that all whites are inherently racist, that whites have some magical special privilege, and that white people are bad.  That's far more racist than anything Barr tweeted.  Yet we're told that's okay.

The only rationale for allowing hate speech against whites and not against blacks is that it gives the left more power.  Good men, irrespective of their faith or race, condemn all racism.  The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. certainly did.

Finally, the left has declared that one middle-of-the-night apologized-for tweet by Barr proves that Trump and everyone who voted for him is a racist, even though they condemn what Barr wrote.  Even Breitbart posted an article by John Nolte asserting that she got what she deserved.  If even the notoriously evil, according to leftists, Breitbart site condemned what Barr said, how can any honest person say Barr's comment shows that all Trump-supporters are racists?

The answer is that leftist propaganda, whether it be pretending Trump colluded with Russia or declaring that all Trump-supporters are racists, is predicated not on the truth, but on the left's prime directive: "anything that helps our cause is good; anything that hinders our cause is bad."

That's why we can never trust the leftist media: because it is post-Christian and believes that the end, leftists obtaining power over the rest of us so they can control every aspect of our life down to how much soda we can drink, justifies any means and that "truth" is whatever is necessary to achieve their objective.

When you talk to your friends who aren't conservative, point out that conservatives condemn what Barr said, and we condemn Democrat Senator Byrd for his membership in the KKK, while leftists condemn only Barr.

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