Mob Violence and Gun Ownership

It has become clear that attempted political overthrow is being effected through emotional waves.  The zealots, conditioned to react hysterically to whatever triggers have been implanted, escalate their hyper-emotional, anti-intellectual reactions with each propagandized day.  Sadly, this also has caused people who have access to facts and should know better to become pliant on the basis of disinformation concerning the legal need to conduct investigations of illegal border-crossers who misuse children.  This has been the policy since Clinton was president, but suddenly it is Hitlerian, because temporary separation of family members is the same as killing 6 million Jews and enslaving the rest.  What is also different is the extent to which members of the Democrat base are being encouraged by normalizing mob violence. 

Government officials are now being openly tracked, organized against, and attacked in public for the fact that their political party is enforcing the nation's laws.  This is part of the increasingly evident anarchy that seeks to derange our laws and their enforcement for the protection of actual citizens, who no longer figure into the calculations of most elected officials.  The future votes of illegals who will someday attain amnesty is the singular objective of the present version of the Democratic Party.  They have made clear that they will ignore MS-13, drug-trafficking, human-trafficking, rampant violence, and crime across the country by illegals, if that means that one day these future Democrats will control the outcomes of elections in every state the Democrats cannot presently rig, and will provide cheap labor for the Republicans who seem fine with never wielding political power again.

However, when the Democrat side of the political spectrum manipulates the most zealous and unwell members of their ranks to operate as civilian mobs, encouraged by elected officials and unmoored from the limits of legal accountability, another line has been crossed on the path to open civil war.  Certainly, we saw the first act in this escalation with Antifa, the oxymoronically named fascist enforcement mob, but that unit at least had an identity.  What we are seeing now appears to be the organization of willing grassroots members of the Democratic Party into mobile gangs sent to publicly target and shame political opponents in surprise attacks meant to drive government officials from not only the public square, but their employment in service to the country. 

Today, the targets are members of the current administration, but if you are a leftist with a de facto license to punish, then, philosophically speaking, what difference is there among Trump, his agents, and those who voted for him to check the anarchy and overthrow that is unquestionably underway?  Why, none, of course.  All who reject anarchy and totalitarian progressivism are equally undeserving of rights or protection in such minds, so all are fair game for attack.  Feeding this crusade against our laws and sovereignty is the manufactured "morality" of the left, which happily conflates vice with virtue.  Indeed, Maxine Waters has invoked a new god who supports anarchy and violence against one's political enemies.  Perhaps she should read a little, since the heavy lifting on theocracies has already been done for her.

You may have noticed that at the same time the left has triggered its hypnotized "bots" to scream about immigration, there is something of a renewal of rhetoric on gun control.  David Hogg, the trained activist who bravely survived shots not aimed anywhere near him, has re-emerged from his bedroom to pretend to relevance again.  Michael Bloomberg got some recent press attention by pledging to flush $80 million more on gun control in the midterm elections.  A week ago, Mrs. Clinton termed gun control a "political necessity" in order to "take back" the country, apparently from its own citizens.  Some might think this is merely convenient propaganda, meant to coincide with and exploit the emotionalism animating the immigration hysteria we are watching. 

However, what if these seemingly disconnected issues run on converging tracks, rather than merely parallel ones?  We are watching Democrats, perpetrators of the incremental coup, encouraging the rise in political mob violence to overthrow the existing political order.  Eventually, sooner than later, the Democratic mob will feel empowered by its immunity from consequences to expand its tactics and target nongovernment citizens for bullying, intimidation, and inevitable violence.  This is exactly the tactic the political left understands will be enabled most by strict gun control, meaning confiscation.  After all, mob violence as a tool of political enforcement, will be far easier and more effective if those against whom it is deployed are not capable of defending themselves.  Disarmament of the law-abiding has always preceded violent revolution.  This is the entire purpose of "gun control."  Only one side will be equipped for the impending violence.

On the other hand, perhaps the left is also seeding the ground for another foreseeable event.  Though no law-abiding gun-owner has yet felt threatened enough to use his or her gun in self-defense against a Democratic mob, isn't it inevitable that one will with this new escalation in tactics?  When the power to corner people, threaten them, and even physically attack them has been illicitly granted by elected political officials to their supporters, which historically has been called a "lynch mob," then it is only a matter of time before someone who is capable of defending himself and his family will feel the very real need to do so.  Mob violence is ugly, vicious, and utterly uncontrollable through conversation or verbal exchanges.  Indeed, as we have recently witnessed, any attempt by a thinker of any sort to use facts or logic serves only to further inflame the mob, which is all emotion and no thought.  Reason enrages them and merely justifies their moral mission to eradicate the evil of those who do not wish to be members of the cult.  Either you belong to their cult or you are a "Nazi" who should die. 

Nothing would please the political left more than a law-abiding gun-owner who used a legal firearm to defend himself or his family from "peaceful protesters," or "political activists," or whatever they will call the fascists who attacked him.  What better way to achieve this outcome than to grant the power to average citizens to organize angry, screaming, violent mobs to effect a "moral" purge of the individual holdouts of a constitutional nation built on individual liberty?  Should this come to pass, and it will, the left will ensure that the roles are reversed, and the violence will have been perpetrated only by the gun-owner, while the attackers are innocent victims whose "sacrifice" must not be in vain.  Things will move much more quickly then.  That's all that matters anymore. 

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