Hillary's Intent: What James Comey Missed

James Mr. Magoo Comey, Director of the Federal Bureau of Magoo, while acknowledging that Hillary had put the country’s secrets on her home server – i.e., without their protective coding – could find no “intent” in her doing so. It just happened. Let’s unpack that.

Bill and Hillary Adjusted Gross Income



$10.0 million


$13.1 million


$14.7 million


$19.7 million


$27.1 million



Hillary’s total “intent”

as Secretary of State

$84.6 million


Source: NPR

While these numbers are not out of line with the Clintons’ AGI in the surrounding years, the question still arises…What was this money being paid for? It can’t all be for speeches by Bill on diarrhea in Africa (as characterized by the inimitable Mark Steyn).

Let’s put it this way…

  • Rockefeller sold oil
  • Ford sold cars
  • Gates sold software
  • What is Hillary selling? Well, as Secretary of State, breaking all precedent, protocol and the lessons of signals intelligence of the 20th century, she arranged for the top-secret communications of our country to be available to outside listeners at her discretion. The Federal Bureau of Magoo doesn’t see anything peculiar about it. Could happen to anybody. James Mr. Magoo Comey isn’t concerned, doubtless because he has “a higher loyalty,” although God knows what it is to. Certainly not the Constitution. Certainly not the destiny of United States of America. Probably it has to do with being a Clinton toady.
  • So, what is Hillary selling? Us!

Would it make you feel better if you were a soldier if you knew that your mission or your route march had been decided in light of who been able to reach the Secretary of State with the appropriate fee?

Too much of this, and our Armed Forces would become as ineffective as those of any Third World kleptocracy. The American Republic has always been able to avoid corruption of this type in the past. That is, before Hillary. (One of the things about the Clintons is that their crimes are so colossal that the person who brings them up is the one who looks crazy.)

Ask yourself this…

  • What was it worth to Iran in to know our policies in dealing with their nuclear program?


  • What was it worth to Russia to know how we will react to their taking over Crimea and invading Eastern Ukraine?


  • What was it worth to Germany to know how much we know about their selling high-value machinery to Iran?


  • What was it worth to China to know how we are planning to react to their expansion in the South China Sea?


  • What was it worth to Syria to know how serious we are at enforcing our red line?


  • What was it worth to Cuba to know whether we’re going to insist that they dismantle their gulag?


The NSA grew out of our wartime experience with signals intelligence, particularly the massive success of the British Ultra project. Since then, the NSA has sent countless mathematicians gibbering to sanatoriums – metaphorically speaking, of course.

Not metaphorically speaking, one of the strangest phenomena in physics is quantum entanglement: that entangled subatomic particles change their state apparently simultaneously apparently regardless of distance. I.e., they appear to communicate non-relativistically. The NSA has looked into this phenomenon for communications but it has borne no fruit so far (as far as we know).  This is the extent to which we go to protect our sensitive national communications. Not Hillary. She puts our national communications essentially on a toy. This not only puts them in condition to be purloined without fingerprints, but it also endangers our coding because it puts them in clear and thus provides a crib for those trying to break into our codes.

No to worry. The Federal Bureau of Magoo not only sees no intention on Hillary’s part to sell out the country – us – for her personal financial reward, they apparently see no danger to our national communications, although James Mr. Magoo Comey did not address this point in his exoneration of Hillary in July 2016.

"With a cloth?"

Must have slipped his mind. Because James Mr. Magoo Comey is an honorable man. In fact, all of them at the Federal Bureau of Magoo are all, all honorable men.

But what about intent? Oh, that. Well, in the words of a great American… “you betcha!

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