A Look at the FBI's 'We Saved Trump by Spying on Him' Excuse

Last month, a New York Times report revealed for the first time that the FBI planted a confidential informant to interact with the Donald Trump campaign in hopes of uncovering a plot to influence the 2016 presidential election.  The same article contends that the bureau's decision to infiltrate the campaign constituted an extraordinary precaution to preserve the Republican candidate's chances in the 2016 presidential election by keeping its investigation out of the headlines. If the FBI wanted to protect the Trump campaign prior to Election Day, it did a terrible job. The Times report, co-authored by Matt Apuzzo, Adam Goldman, and Nicholas Fandos, details how the FBI "declined to tip its hand" in the early stages of its collusion investigation, dubbed Operation Crossfire Hurricane, because the facts of the case "might have devastated the Trump campaign."  FBI senior management, whose staggering animus for Trump is a matter of...(Read Full Article)