A High-Stakes Game of Get Trump Poker

All around us, the current cold civil war rages.  We are in constant battles as part of this war and have been for years.  It's almost impossible to avoid engaging in some skirmish, since the left has politicized everything from the NFL to kindergarten.  Leftists started this war – they are the ones who wanted wholesale change in our culture, our country, our mores, our lifestyles.

Our RINO party neither comprehends nor engages much in this war.  Most don't recognize what's happening as anything other than politics as usual.

The main reason Trump won the nomination, and the reasons for his win: The base on the center-right instinctively knew the stakes.  Trump championed the issues that the base wanted put forth.  He saw the fecklessness of the other candidates, harnessed the base, and won.

It's difficult to find much good to say about the current GOP elites.  It's difficult not to want to scream at them as they carp about Trump's style.  It's difficult to find anything nice to say about the NeverTrumps, or about those who do not support Trump whole heartedly.

Here's why: the stakes.  They couldn't be higher.

This "last best hope on Earth" hangs in the balance.  Right now.  It's on the tipping edge.  Leftists thinks they have the strength to take control of America once and for all.  They are looking for the kill shot.  They want to usher in their pipe dream of transforming America into what they think will be a country with no bias, fully converted to their idea of what's good.

Sort of like Venezuela.  Or Cuba.  Or what East Germany once was.

You may be saying, "No one on the left wants that, and you know it."  Except they did.  And they really do.  Some of it may be ignorance of the lethality and long history of failure from their own ideas.  Some might be simply naïve, but most really do want to totally change our constitution, freedoms, and laws.  They want them replaced with their ideas. 

The potential end of "the last best hope on Earth" has been staring us in the face since the radical left took over the Democratic Party.  One after another, people who should have known better became hard leftists.  One after another, they purged the party of any moderates and pushed the most radical into the positions of power.  They embraced becoming what Jordan Peterson calls the postmodernist neo-Marxists. 

That's his description of contemptible tyrants.

Oh, come now.   We just need to reach across the aisle to compromise with these (um, er) friends!  That's the plaintive cry of the infamous RINO class.  The weary whine of the Vichy Republicans.  The pathetic wail of the Stockholm Syndrome GOP.

The party of JFK is gone, baby, gone.  There is not even a hint of a JFK or Hubert Humphrey now.  Not the slightest tempering of a Scoop Jackson.  Nor an iota of the fiery pro-American Truman.  They've all gone hard left.

They have new goals.  Hate the founding of America.  Freedom and liberty are just no good anymore.

Destroy the "evils" of a free market economy.  Replace it with socialism.

Balkanize a racial divide.  Hate whites; get as many whites to be self-loathing as possible.  Keep blacks and Hispanics on the Democrat plantation.  Never integrate.

Reinvent biological sex.  Confuse an entire generation.  Make sex become anything they want it to be at the time, but mainly use it to bludgeon white males or conservatives of any race or sex.  Just because they deserve it.  Because they are all toxic.

Replace the voting base of America with illegal aliens who can be manipulated more easily by emotional appeals for their votes.  Power forever (in their minds).

Destroy the ability to debate the ideas of the left.  Destroy anyone who is effective in countering the left's narratives.  And be violent.  Make it appear criminal to have a differing viewpoint, or work for anyone other than the left.

The list of terrible, no-good, nasty things the left has done in the past decade could fill a book.  Just in the past week: 

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was nastily removed from a restaurant. 

DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was treated likewise at a restaurant and had her home address leaked, to be rushed by an angry mob.

The latest ploy, the latest outrage is the chorus du jour – that Trump, the evil, heartless one, wants to make babies cry by taking them away from their parents.  All his voters are racist and heartless.  Russia, Russia, Russia has failed.  So has Stormy Daniels.  Now on to the next thing.

How dare he?

It doesn't matter that the narrative is preposterous, that it's untrue, that it's just as true about their hero Barack, because that's not important.  It doesn't matter that Sanders and Nielsen were simply living their lives.  What's important is to use Alinsky rule thirteen: "pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

They have clearly decided that this is the way to win.  They are all in.  They, and their media slaves, have been using this tactic for years.  The issue is malleable, but the important thing is to wear Trump and his co-workers down, wear down his base, separate him from his voters, destroy him one issue at a time.  Over ninety percent negativity in their reporting.

The lies will never stop.  Not until we the people of the United States throw them out.  Or capitulate.

It will never stop until we pull down their strongholds, until we stop rewarding them for being such petty tyrants.  Call it the unintended consequences of the Trump win.  Call it the never-ending march of the left into violence, incivility, and insanity.  Call it a breakdown in our discourse. 

Never underestimate the stakes: letting these leftists regain their power.  Letting them continue to destroy our culture, our institutions, our lives.

They must never be allowed to hold the reins of power again.

Ronald Reagan said, "If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to.  This is the last stand on Earth."

Or, as Lincoln called us, "the last best hope on Earth."

In the end, this battle will be in the hands of the American voter – the ones who go to work and follow the rules and use their freedoms to better their position in life.  With nerves of steel, they have to beat those who do not.

Because the left isn't really nice, doesn't really care about people, isn't compassionate, and doesn't hold smart ideas.  Leftists care about power.  Their agenda is destructive.  It's shameful.

Be educated.  Be vigilant.  Throw the RINOs and phonies out when you can.  Fight them and hold them back if you can't get rid of them. 

And never allow a leftist to win again if you can help it.  Even if they pretend to be conservative.  Or high-minded.  Or nice.  Or compassionate.

Because they're not.

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