Why Not Carter Page?

As the truth slowly leaks out, the Deep State and its media flunkeys are desperately trying to convince Americans that the Obama administration's use of the full power of the U.S. Intelligence Community as well as the FBI and DoJ to spy on the Trump campaign is no big deal.

The latest lie is that the Obama administration was trying to protect Trump from nefarious Russians.  Ignoring for a moment that this claim is in direct contradiction to what the same talking heads have been saying for over a year – if Obama people were trying to protect Trump, then they didn't think Trump was compromised, which means they thought the Steele dossier was a pack of lies – it's still easy to show that the Deep State wasn't trying to protect Trump.

The first point that has been widely discussed is that if they thought Trump was a target of Russian perfidy, they would have briefed Trump about it.  We know how that would have gone because, when Comey eventually raised the issue with the president, Trump told him to investigate it.  Clearly, Trump didn't want any collusion with Russia.  By the way, the fact that Trump told the FBI to investigate the matter shows that Trump isn't being blackmailed by Russia, because if Russia did have dirt on Trump, the last thing he would have wanted was the FBI looking into the matter.

But the FBI didn't warn Trump – other than a generic threat briefing that was given to both parties.  Instead, the FBI planted a spy who worked hard to entrap the Trump campaign in some sort of faux paus – albeit a legal one, because collusion isn't a crime.

Apparently, the FBI spy told a minor Trump campaign official, George Papadopoulos, that Russians had dirt on Hillary.  Papadopoulos then shared that information with a senior Australian diplomat whom Papadopoulos just "happened" to run into in a bar.  The Australian official who shared that information with the FBI just happens to have arranged a $25,000,000 donation to the Clinton foundation.

But the significant question is, why did the FBI have to plant a spy in the Trump campaign when it already had an ideal operative in place?

To an honest counterintelligence agent, Carter Page is gold.  He feels that the U.S. should follow the Hillary approach and appease Russia and that poor U.S.-Russia relations are due to the U.S.  As such, he's the sort of person any Russians who were planning to interfere in the U.S. election or who were trying to subvert the Trump campaign would gravitate toward.  The Deep State agrees with that, since it claims that its concern about the Trump campaign's collusion with Russia is, at least in part, due to Page's trip to Moscow.

The problem is that we know that Carter Page has worked with Russian spies before.  He worked at least one into a guilty plea in U.S. court.  That's right: in addition to being an idiot about Russia, Page is a patriotic American who worked with the FBI to take those Russian spies out of commission.  Page wore a wire to get incriminating evidence on a Russian spy, and when he did so, he was an "undercover employee" of the FBI.

Further evidence of the FBI's and the Intelligence Community's belief that Page wasn't engaged in anything nefarious is that they did nothing to try and question him about his Moscow trip.  If they'd really thought he might have been involved in collusion or that he'd been approached with proffers of collusion, it would have been easy for an FBI agent Page had worked with on the previous Russian spy case, or an undercover asset like the ones who talked to Papadopoulos, to "accidently" bump into Page and see what he had to say.  Even if Page wasn't truthful, FBI agents are taught how to see if someone is lying or hiding something, so the FBI would have had some basis for suspecting that the formerly loyal Page had gone over to the dark side and was colluding with Russia.

Cultivating assets is a long, complex, risky process, and no competent agent would ignore a proven asset, Page, who was already in place, complete with a track record of being willing to work against illegal Russian activities.

Given that the FBI had every reason to believe in Page's reliability and that Page was an experienced counterintelligence asset who would be attractive to the Russians, why wouldn't the FBI use him?  Why did the FBI resort to people who weren't already a part of the Trump campaign?

The answer is that the FBI was looking not to protect Trump, but to frame him, and it had no reason to assume that Page would go along with that.

Hence, there are two strong reasons to label the latest Deep State-media story that spying on Trump was done to protect him as a lie:

1. They didn't tell Trump he was in danger.

2. They refused to even talk to an in-place asset with a proven track record of working against illegal Russian operations.

The reality is that the Deep State, with the collusion of the media, has been desperately trying to nullify the 2016 election because their candidate didn't win.  They've fully weaponized the entire U.S. government to attack their political foes, and the only reason they may not get away with it is that Hillary lost the election.

We need to ensure that Republicans, for all their failures, retain control of Congress, because if they lose it, the Democrats will shut down any investigation into the corruption of FBI-DoJ-NSA-CIA and instead work hard to impeach Trump.
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