Trump Shattered the Glassiest of Glass Ceilings

Donald Trump is the first president in American history with no military or government experience – a true civilian president.  Whatever one's opinions of his politics and personality, this fact is significantly more glass ceiling-shattering than our first black president, or the fatal bullet that would have hit us had the first woman been elected (the fatal bullet wasn't Clinton as female; it was Clinton as empress). In my upcoming first book, 10 Warning Signs Your Child is Becoming a Democrat, I posit for readers the absurdity of considering race, ethnicity, sex, country of origin, and religious beliefs as skills and qualifications.  They're not; they're unchosen accidents (race, sex, etc.) or lifestyle choice (religious beliefs). As our first president with no military or government experience, Trump's shattering meant that Democrats and Republicans will be picking up the shards of glass for years to come.  The...(Read Full Article)