The New (and Improved) Stupid Party

A well earned title.

I never thought we'd see the day, but the GOP has finally been outdone in the department of stupid.

Think of the events of last week.

The Democratic Party went on record defending Hamas-style terrorism.  Next, the Dems defended MS-13 as poor, misunderstood souls.  Then they acted as if North Korea were the smart (and good) guy in the current impasse on peace talks, crowing that Trump was failing when, once again, he wasn't.  It's said they intend to run against high gas costs (irony on steroids).  The party is pretty much conceding that the Obama-led Justice Department spied on the Trump campaign, as if that was normal.  Pelosi & Co. still insist they will take away the new tax reforms to which most Americans are attributing the economic boom.

Plus Hillary continues that "woe is her" tour, making a fool of herself daily with a new reason she lost.  And there's always the fake Collusion with Russia narrative no one but NYT-MSNBC-CNN hosts and aficionados believe.

All in one glorious week!  Onward!

Never in the course of foot in mouth disease, tin ear infection, and messaging messes has the GOP stood for so many dumb things all at the same time in one week.  Never.

This week came after years of pretending Madame Defarge was the nicest, most competent, honest, likeable, and trustworthy person on the planet.  This after having only one other known message during that same time.  Trump bad.  Trump Hitler.  Oops, that's two. 

During the past year, the generic ballot polling sported an 18-point advantage for the Democrats.  Depending on the poll, that has been squandered to a few points, or as a couple of polls now say, the GOP is actually up a handful of points.

Have no fear.  I'm certain that the GOP elites can turn that trend around.  But for now, let's enjoy the comedy of life brought to us by the Democratic Party.  It's the greatest show on Earth.  No need to search the web for new funny movies (hint: there aren't any).  Just watch the left react to Donald Trump. 

The new Netflix sitcom could be called "MS-13, A Spark of Divinity."  It's awaiting some brilliant director.  Driving home the point: The herding, and smallness, of leftist opinion was on full display after Trump's "animals" comment.  The humor of the left's response could not have been matched by Jack Benny, Gene Wilder, and Tim Allen together.

Our brilliant leftist Democrat-media cabal used this opportunity to contrive emotive, virtuous-sounding messages that would surely wake the average American to the horror of Trump.  Myself, I, having spent that day ignoring all news (sometimes I have a life), came home to the new, and improved, messaging from the left.  After seeing and reading quotes from some twenty or more leftist journalists, I turned to my wife and asked: "What genius on the left succeeded in sending out the all points bulletin to make Trump's comment about a horrific, bloodthirsty gang the newest worst thing he has ever said?"


The MSNBC-CNN-NYT gang reported for at least a day that he was talking about all immigrants.  Big mistake.  In the end, one by one, most of them finally reported the truth: that he was speaking about MS-13 gang members.  But they all knew he meant non-white "immigrants."  They just knew it.

Because they're so smart.  They're omniscient.

It's hard not to celebrate this past week of unprecedented idiocy by our leftist Democratic Party officials, media slaves, and probably most of their voters.  If you wake up every morning with your major purpose in life to help with the plan that will finally ruin Donald Trump, you've got problems.

Pardon me if I have little sympathy for the hard left that has taken over the Democratic-media complex.  These people are totally responsible for their own intellectual and moral meltdowns.  Hatred and bitterness can cause people to go flat-out mad.  This week could not have proved that point better.

To say the Democratic Party has a series of deadly weaknesses is an understatement.  The upcoming midterms could kill them as a result.  The vaunted blue wave could become a blue surrender.  For a host of reasons, it should happen that way.  These people deserve to be routed and placed in the dustbin of history.

But here's the problem: never underestimate the original stupid party.  We could easily snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  We are quite capable of succumbing to our own set of weaknesses.

First, there is a major faction in the GOP that lied about its conservatism and its principles.  John McCain and Jeff Flake are not the only ones who have done that.  Witness the fairly large contingency in the House who is trying to get a vote on amnesty for illegals.  Yes, this group could succeed in souring its own base in a manner that would depress turnout for midterms.

Second, the leadership void from Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan could intensify this souring of the base.  Why vote for Republicans who end up helping further the left's agenda?

Third, our own conservative base has fallen for Alinsky rule #4 – "make the enemy live up to its own book of rules" – too many times, and the left is well aware of it.  

The left is using and will continue to use this rule to further dampen our turnout.  Can't happen, you say?  Democrats are too crazy?  Republicans will come out to help Trump? 

One word: Alabama.

The state of Alabama now has a pro-abort, anti-Second Amendment, typical (D) anti-business, pro-illegals senator – one who totally misrepresents the state he is supposed to represent.  To this day, although many realize how they were played, many do not know the ridiculous position their weakness put them in.

The people of Alabama are fairly conservative.  And they fell for that old Alinsky rule, one that was funded well, with lots of ads.  Now, I concede that Roy Moore was terrible in countering these attacks, but so was the establishment GOP, who turned on him with no real reason other than cowardice.

The conservative Alabama voters should have known better.  They should have known they were being fed lies by the truckload.  But they were snookered.  Soros money bought the ads.  The conservative GOP voters stayed home, filled with their own self-righteousness.  And now they have a senator who votes against everything they stand for and for everything Chuck Schumer wants.

I have heard enough "conservatives" speaking about the "moral weaknesses" of Trump to see that the left knows how to use its rule.  Trump has done more good for this country and to advance the conservative cause than anyone in the past decades.  The left is continuing its daily putsch to delegitimize Trump, goading our base to not show up.  Leftists won't stop.  Ever.  They will walk over broken glass to stop Trump.  If our base is depressed enough, it could work.

That's our Achilles heel.

Don't let it be.  We need to fight them, with desperation.  We need to constantly point out to our own voters all the good Trump has done and why we need to vote in the midterms.  At the same time, we have to point out how and why the leftist attacks on him are mostly lies, that they only want us as their subjects.

We need to be self-aware.  We need to get our vote out.  Or it will be Speaker Pelosi. 

Your choice.  Don't help the new Democratic Stupid(er) Party win an unwinnable war.  Don't be a sucker.  We already have the GOP elites for that.

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