The Great Greitens Railroading

Eric Greitens was a Democrat. This must be understood if one is to make any sense out of what is happening in the Soros-funded coup in Missouri. The former Navy SEAL and head of a military charity came to his senses and switched parties, and after coming to the GOP he immediately ran for governor. Much like Donald Trump, Greitens had no political experience and was from outside the political power structure. Few thought he had a chance to win, but he did. A lot of people weren't happy about that.

Greitens was very pro-police, something guaranteed to anger the Black Lives Matter/Antifa radicals in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Greitens’ swift and firm resolve when police officer Jason Stockley was acquitted of murdering a black suspect prevented another Ferguson riot but ginned up the organization that had burned down Ferguson, and there was a great desire for payback.

Enter newly elected St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, who had been active in the Ferguson protests and was heavily subsidized by none other than George Soros. In fact, her campaign for circuit attorney received no less than $190,750.73 from Soros-funded groups. It should be pointed out that Soros funded the bloody riots in Ferguson to the tune of $33 million dollars.

This is in line with a plot the mad Hungarian devised to overthrow the political order. Soros has been buying up district attorneys by the gross. Soros has meddled in DA races in San Diego, San Antonio, Houston, Philadelphia, Portsmouth, Va. and a host of other places. Why is he doing this?

This is the criminalization of politics, something the left has been doing for some time. Consider the bogus criminal charges brought over the years against Republicans -- Tom Delay, Ted Stevens, Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Joe Arpaio, Ken Paxton, and a host of others. In most cases the prosecution wasn't even interested in winning so much as in damaging the accused politically. And this is especially the case with Greitens -- Gardner wanted his trial to begin on November 1, just before the midterm elections!

Greitens is accused of felony invasion of privacy for allegedly photographing a woman he was having an affair with and using it for blackmail. The only problem is, the woman never filed a complaint and has so much as admitted she may have dreamed the whole thing. The woman's ex-husband -- who divorced her over the affair with Greitens -- vowed to "get" Greitens, and in fact he was likely the one who went to the circuit attorney's office. Greitens is also accused of slapping the woman, which is what one might expect in an S&M session, something Greitens and the woman engaged in willingly.

Now all this is grossly immoral on Greitens’ part, and I am not excusing him, but the prosecution is clearly a political hit job.

Here's the thing: the prosecution does not have the photograph. Nor do they have any other physical evidence. They do have a tape made by the husband, quite possibly illegally, according to Missouri Rev. Stat. § 542.400:

"It is unlawful to record an "oral communication,” which is defined as "any communication uttered by a person exhibiting an expectation that such communication is not subject to interception under circumstances justifying such expectation.”

So, the prosecution has no problem with the husband violating the law, but is hell-bent on punishing the governor all the same. And of course, the woman was not going to be truthful with her husband; she had been having an illicit affair, one that continued well after the alleged photograph was taken. And recently to cover the violation the husband's lawyer claimed the woman secretly made the tape with him. Ri-ight.

Missouri's Republican attorney general Josh Hawley sent another referral down to St. Louis over another accusation against Greitens, this time accusing him of contacting people on the donor list of his charity for contributions. This was dealt with by the House Ethics Committee, and Greitens paid a hundred-dollar fine, but Hawley says there is evidence Greitens wasn't entirely candid with them. Hawley -- a RINO who is breaking his pledge to not run for higher office and is seeking to run against Claire McCaskill for the U.S. Senate -- has recused himself and given the case over to the same  people who are so horribly mishandling this trial.

And it is being mishandled. Gardner hired a private investigator rather than use the St. Louis police, and the investigator, William Tisaby, a former FBI agent  and bigamist, has tampered with evidence on a number of occasions.  Claimed there was a video camera glitch that deleted a deposition by the woman involved with Greitens, Tisaby then under pressure produced the tape and only a few minutes were gone. Tisaby also claimed he had taken no notes of the deposition and yet the tape clearly showed him writing furiously the entire time. The presiding judge in the case called Tisaby to testify over withholding evidence and he did not show up. The judge gave him a second chance and his lawyer showed, and the lawyer asked that the testimony be continued because he had been hired at 2 A.M. the night before and needed time to prepare. Eventually Tisaby did show up and he invoked his Fifth Amendment rights multiple times.

Also, Gardner herself met personally with the witness in a motel in Illinois where there were no witnesses and no records. This is highly unethical, to put it mildly.

Nonetheless the presiding judge refused to throw the charges out.

Gardner recently hired the attorney who represented Michael Brown's family, by the way.

Almost half of all cases brought before the circuit attorney's office had to be delayed because Gardner did not bother to share evidence with the courts and defense attorneys. Gardner has been conferring with Missouri Democrats while prosecuting Greitens. She refused to prosecute black perpetrators on numerous occasions and has mishandled cases that she has prosecuted.

She could only get away with this sort of thing in St. Louis, where the Democrats own the town. Jennifer Joyce, the woman Gardner replaced, was a member of the Obama Truth Squad, a group of prosecutors and other authorities who threatened opponents of Obama. Gardner is just taking this to the next level.

Meanwhile, the attorney for the husband of the "victim" had his legal fees paid by an anonymous donation. According to the Belleville News Democrat:

"Al Watkins, the St. Louis attorney who represents the ex-husband of Greitens’ alleged victim, confirmed the payments, which came in two $50,000 increments, while talking to reporters shortly after a St. Louis judge ruled that he could not also represent an investigator in the case."

Watkins was going to represent Tisaby.

The money, it turns out, came from Scott Faughn, the publisher of the Missouri Times, an influential liberal publications with ties to the Missouri legislature. Tea Party activist William Hennessey explains:

"Eric Greitens campaigned mostly on cleaning up the tax credit mess in Jefferson City. Everybody thought it was just a campaign promise. But it wasn’t. Greitens was serious. He cut over $150 million in tax credits his first year. That created enemies. Enemies who consider taxpayers’ dollars their own."

And apparently the money going to Watkins came from some shadowy business sources that suckle at the teat of the Missouri taxpayer. Hennessey points out that all five Republicans on the House Committee investigating Greitens are retiring at the end of the legislative session and most likely will be working as lobbyists. Greitens plan to cut tax credits will seriously hurt their future financial prospects.

And as soon as the story broke about the governor, RINO Republicans in the Missouri legislature (a body they own) called for Greitens to resign from office, and have well begun the process of impeachment. No effort to defend the governor was taken. While it makes sense -- Greitens offended many of them -- the GOP must learn they have to defend their own. By not defending Greitens, they are risking losing their large majority to the Democrats, who were withering away in Missouri until now.

In the end, this is a microcosm of the Mueller investigation and the plans to impeach Donald Trump. If they succeed with Greitens, they will be emboldened to take out Trump, and any other Republican they do not like. This must be stopped. It is one of the most egregious railroadings we have ever witnessed.

UPDATE: KMOX radio just announced no photos were found on the governor's cell phone.

Tim is a resident of St. Louis. Read more from Tim and friends at The Aviary