Pretend Iran Is Israel

Secretary Mike Pompeo has made it abundantly clear that he will not cater to the left's soft bigotry of low expectations with respect to Iran.  For some reason, those who claim to hold a monopoly on moral authority are all too often the same individuals who hold Islamic radicals to a lower standard of behavior than other menaces.  One can only assume that this is based on their politically correct worldview, which blinds them from objective truth.

In a recent press briefing, Secretary Pompeo brilliantly articulated the stunning hypocrisy of those who do not believe that it is reasonable to hold Iran to the same accountability as others on the world stage.

"We wouldn't tolerate Iceland doing what the Iranians are doing.  We wouldn't tolerate Chad doing what the Iranians – I could just pick a number.  I'm sort of tripping through the alphabet," he stated.

Why would we tolerate it those driven by an apocalyptic ideology?  Iran's supreme leaders are all true believers in hastening "the promised one," or the 12th Imam, who they believe will bring about the end of the world and kill all nonbelievers.  It's time we take the blinders off and recognize what will happen if a country that endorses ideology as menacing as that is acquires a nuclear weapon.

This is why political correctness isn't just illogical; it's dangerous.  When a multicultural worldview becomes so ingrained that it clouds proper judgment about the threats we face, it must be discarded.  It's about time we had a secretary of state who understood that truth.

Former secretary of state John Kerry vowed to put a stop to Iran's nuclear weapon ambitions.  It did not happen.  The Trump administration has clearly determined that you cannot fight strength with weakness.  Secretary Pompeo is tasked with having to take on this threat of Iran, since it clearly was not handled properly by former administrations.

First, the so-called "Iran deal" wasn't a deal; it was acquiescence.  Iran was given more than a billion in cash in unmarked bills in exchange for just about nothing.

One of the staples of the Iran deal stipulated that the Iranians would need to remove approximately 75% of their nuclear centrifuges.  Iran was allowed to keep 25% of those for so-called "research purposes," as long as it was willing to limit the amount of enriched uranium.  How could the free world be assured that Iran was complying with these terms?  Inspectors would be allowed to visit the facilities.

However, if one of the inspectors had suspicions that Iran was hiding a centrifuge or not complying with any other aspects of the agreement, Iran would be allowed 24 days before a full inspection could be completed at the facility in question.

Why would they be allowed any time to stall inspections, let alone 24 days, especially if they have nothing to hide?  Throwing that dangerously useless deal in the trash was perhaps the greatest accomplishment of President Trump so far.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently pointed out that the deal itself was built upon the lie that Iran was never pursuing nuclear weapons in the first place.

What if the media held Hassan Rouhani to the same standard as they hold Netanyahu?  What if they exercised the same scrutiny of an Islamic terrorist nation as they do the only Jewish and democratic state in the Middle East?

If Israel defends itself against an army of Hamas terrorists hurling Molotov cocktails and explosives across their border (as they recently did during the embassy opening), they are immediately portrayed as the aggressors and are the subject of condemnation.

The real aggressors in the Middle East are dictators like Rouhani.

A nation that regularly preaches "Death to America" and the total extermination of our Jewish allies should not be granted leniency in terms of complying with basic humanitarian demands.

What will it take for the U.S. media to start recognizing the threat Iran poses to civilization as we know it?  Maybe the Trump administration could start a rumor that Rouhani recently converted to Christianity and has become a white supremacist.

Secretary Pompeo recently outlined the approach the U.S. will now take to protect our national security.

"It's not a fantasy to imagine the Iranians making a decision not to fire missiles into another nation and threatening American lives that travel through that airport.  It's not a fantasy to ask them to cease engaging in terror," he said.

That's the type of leadership the United States and the rest of the world has been starving for.  Finally, some unwavering commitment to holding malicious nations accountable for their actions.  Finally, no more tolerance for terror.  Finally, no more excuses.

If Iran wants a seat at the table with the rest of the civilized world, it's going to have to start acting like it.  Those who advocate for anything less do not believe in true equality, morality, or human rights, no matter how desperately they posture themselves as such.

Brigitte Gabriel is chairman of ACT For America, the largest national security grassroots organization in the U.S.  She is the author of two New York Times bestsellers, Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America and They Must be Stopped: Why we must defeat radical Islam and how we can do it.