On 'Russian Collusion,' Trump Will Win...Big Time

The winds of the special counsel are blowing hard.  A big tempest is brewing, and it's not clear what is happening.  Nobody really knows, other than perhaps Mueller and a few other insiders, one probably being Donald Trump and his counsel.  One thing seems certain: there will be a lot of surprises in the end.

The two general theories:

1. Mueller is a tool of the Deep State, allied with Comey and the left, a black hat appointed by powerful people who won't stop this investigation until the removal or neutering of Trump.  A lot of smart people are invested in this narrative.  You can cite a lot of facts and informative stories that demonstrate the reality of this theory.  Most, but not all, on the right believe some version of this Deep State plot. 

2. This investigation is a well planned, quietly effective smokescreen to ferret out major groups of people in the swamp and the Deep State.  It targets people doing illegal and unethical things.  This would include the Clintons and many of the leading players in the Obama-Clinton regime.  There are a lot of known facts and indicators that point to this being the true narrative as well.

The tipping point is close now.  We will know soon.  My bet is on the latter – mainly because there is zero evidence, not a scintilla of proof that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia or did anything wrong.

On the other hand, the evidence we do have shows that the side making the accusations did a lot of very wrong things.  You can say it's a criminal conspiracy.  McCabe has a criminal referral.  The early I.G. report simply destroyed any hope of him escaping his wrongdoing, tipping its hat to what is coming.  Comey has made an ass out of himself, with contradictions from interview to interview.  Let's just say he will likely be spending his book profits on lawyers.  Strzok, Ohr, and a lot of others are in peril as well, and if nothing else, these people no longer have power to do the Deep State take-down they had planned.

The I.G. report due to come out should be devastating.  There are reports of multiple grand juries looking for multiple indictments.  When the report comes out in full, we will finally know which theory has more of the truth.

There is another major storyline to all this.  As a country, we are at a moment of critical mass.  A tipping point is approaching.

Leftists thinks they are going to get rid of the evil Drumpf – impeached, frog-marched, jailed forever.  Meanwhile, many on the right are wringing their hands over the injustices we are seeing, depressed because they see the criminal left getting away with it all.  Complaints and whining about the lack of headway are registered daily.  Belief that the left is in control even as they are out of power is growing, fueled by the testimony of Michael Caputo.

I am not saying the left is not leaving a devastating mark on our lives.  It is.  These people have crossed a line of evil, destroying many human beings, institutions, and lots in between. 

But they will not win this.  They will not triumph.  Here is why.

Suppose theory number one is true.  Too much is known about what the leftist cabal has done.  Too much factual information on their ugly, evil intent is out there.  Too many of their top soldiers are gone or neutered.  Clinton has no power.  Obama has no power.  Their surrogates have been outed.  The media have been outed; a huge number of people in this country have been rightfully convinced the mainstream media is colluding with all this wrongdoing.  The "fake news" has been branded (correctly) and won't recover for decades.

The irony of Jake Tapper accepting his award at the White House Correspondents Dinner has not hit them yet.

Their big obstacles: Trump's polling close to 50% approval (the real number is likely higher).  He is being nominated for and should receive the Nobel Peace Prize for brokering the Korea deal.  The economy is roaring.  There is no evidence of wrongdoing with Russia and plenty of evidence that Trump has been wronged.

The leftists cannot execute their plan, nor pull off their "insurance policy."  They simply do not have the power to do it.  Yes, they have put a lot of fear and hurt into a lot of people.  But their only power is in the fear and timidity of the Republican Party.  And even that is not enough.  The vapidly stupid leadership of the left (and the RINO party) now know they cannot pull this off.

If they try, they will be destroyed.  Trump holds the cards.  Even if Mueller, Rosenstein, et al. are black hats, are they really dumb enough to try to impeach him, convict him, then try him and send him to jail?

Hell, no.  If you think that, please put a small deposit in my Nigerian bank account.

And that's the worst case.  It really is.

The best case: A lot of leftists go to prison.  Their power will slowly, and painfully, be cut off.  They will be mistrusted for years to come.  They will have failed miserably, stewing in their own hubris and wrongdoing.

One more thing about that critical mass, that tipping point.  A lot of us on the center-right are angry (rightfully so) at what has been done by the left.  Their evildoing is exposed for all to see and will not be easily forgotten. 

If they try to pull a fast one (theory one), by going the process crime route or petty "crime," failure is guaranteed.  Trying Trump for such drivel would start a civil war they would quickly lose.  Theory two:  They are toast.

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