Let's Stop Calling It Liberalism

America is being made great again in the wake of Obama's failed presidency, which in hindsight already appears as nothing more than the absurd climax of affirmative action gone off the rails.  Trump has wiped the floor with his legacy while building an incredible one of his own.

Now, I propose, is the perfect time for the American people to seal their own deal: let's make a campaign ourselves to expire terms such as "Democrat," "liberal," "leftist," and "progressive," and let's call it what it is: totalitarianism.

Early in the campaign that resulted in Trump's election to the presidency, the general public formed its television-inspired consensus: "he's too extreme" morphed into "I like him, but he goes too far," which in turn morphed into a myriad of secondhand critiques centering in on a wariness regarding Trump's zero tolerance for liberal double standards, the roots of which are totalitarianism.

Now that Trump is midway through his second year as president, I believe we can now announce without fear of the Post-Orwellian Thought Police: the enemies of President Trump are the enemies of the family, the Constitution, morality, and sanity.  They are collectively the enemies of our nation's future, who actively seek to flood the nation with third-world refugees while disarming the native population.  In a word, President Trump's enemies are barbarians within the gates, and they have gotten this far because they do a good job of weeping when retaliation looms.  We now must update our terminology if we are consciously to move ahead: the words "liberal," "progressive," "Democrat" are what "National Socialist" are to "Nazi."  They are a lot of misleading verbiage.

The success of the totalitarian party has nothing to do with being morally superior, but being eternal victims.  The key to destroying eternal victimhood is to recognize it.

There are a number of signs that show that a number of taboo things are now relatively common knowledge.  At the least, what was once esoteric is today comprehensible.  And so in promoting the collective thinking American population's discrediting and recycling liberal, progressive, et al. titular nonsense, let us consider that overnight, we have confronted and awoken the masses from a Kantian dogmatic slumber with Trump's political symbolism.

Conspiracy theories?  Trump has done a wondrous job of proving that corporate media are nothing more than a fascist propaganda outlet.  The polar opposite of any "official story" is now well worth taking into account.  Conspiracy theory is a lot of linguistic tarring and feathering when one realizes that corporate, fascist media do nothing but either mislead or lie a little less.  Their business is not the truth, but promoting lies as truth with a singular, successful aim: divide and conquer.  When everyday folks are compelled to conduct an independent critique, they realize that moving away from the herd entails investigative journalism.  Thus, half of the country has gone from equating tin-foil idiocy with realizing they are being lied to.  It is not "conspiracy theories" that matter, nor anyone peddling them under that title; the truth is that corporate media are the conspiracy, paralleled solely by Hollywood in terms of treasonous psychopathology.  Where once a conspiracy theorist existed, now there are millions of people realizing that if they do not do something, the Constitution will be destroyed.

Let's now consider feminism.  There is the difference between life and death, between being kind and being trampled.  One does not pick and choose certain elements of equality and disregard others; if women want to be men, they will be treated like men in all areas.  It will be a disaster for the feminists, but they are bent on disaster.  Misandry is the bedfellow of misogyny; the era of blaming white men for everything is dying a cold death, as collective idiocy is wont to do. 

On the "liberal agenda"?  The liberal agenda exists solely because the people liberals are hell-bent on attacking are too busy living their lives to bother shooting them all.  Second, "comedian" is an anagram for "demoniac."

On technological and cultural erosion of the English language: Any fool can learn any number of languages; it takes the rarest type of the rarest type – that is, an authentic poet – to master one.

On American academics: It is true that they are, for the most part, worthless.  Whether one attends for two, four, six, or ten years, it is astonishing to learn anything that is actually new or interesting from a professor.  There is hope neither for the individual nor for the future, and so the immense potential is degraded into pedestrian automatism.  However, the true individual will find almost any institution with free printers and an immaculate library worth it altogether.  And it is certainly true that one good professor can account for a lifetime's inspiration.  As clichéd as it is, for the revolutionary student without family or many friends, to know that a doctor of philosophy is in your corner is an indispensable gift.  For the rest, satire.

Jerusalem is a perfect example of the Trump Doctrine.  The same people who demanded that Trump not make the move are the same people who call him Hitler while clamoring to take away guns and censor speech.  They are the same people who proclaimed that North Korea is a sure sign of World War III; they are the same people who would try to reason with a man breaking in through their front door, considering the idea of self-defense beneath them as the noose tightens around their collective neck.

Those willing to find out the truth have access to information never before experienced by mere mortals.  Stupidity is comforting, but its comfort is solely a prelude to fascism.  Hoping for the best never accomplished anything, and in a pornographic world, chivalry is dead.

Thus, if we are to move forward during the Trump presidency and when it comes to its close, men and women of dignity across the land must abandon the words "liberal," "progressive," and "Democrat."  Yes, a linguistic turn is that important.  To continue with misleading propaganda is to carry forth in darkness, when we have been given one last chance at the light.  Here is an example:

The fascists are demanding another bathroom be reconstructed; the fascist party is campaigning on sheer racism in overwhelming hatred of white people; fascist professors are teaching students how their opinions are, in fact, wrong.

Has quite a prescient ring to it, eh?  Soon we'll be wondering what took us so long!  

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