How Republicans Can Help Democrats to Win the Midterms...for the GOP

In a previous article, this writer urged the GOPs to beat the historical trend favoring the out-of-power party in a new president's first midterm election by tying ostensibly moderate local Democratic candidates to the national – and far more radical – national party. To keep the House and Senate, Republicans need to show voters what they would be getting from a House and Senate controlled by the Democrats: an agenda far to the left of what most red states and red districts would support, which agenda would be pursued regardless of any opposition from moderate Democrats, for the simple reason that moderate Democrats are a tiny, increasingly endangered species in their party. And just what would America be getting from a Democratic House and Senate? Ross Perot famously described the national debt as "a crazy aunt we keep down in the basement.  All the neighbors know she's there, but nobody wants to talk about her." Make "crazy...(Read Full Article)