Code Red: The Coming Eruption

One of the incredible stories du jour is the latest phase of the Hawaiian volcano.

I have seen that volcano many times.  It’s truly amazing.  The desolation it can cause is incomprehensible.  There are places where you can see immense vistas that have been devastated.  Mile after mile of lava poured out of small craters, fissures, and lava tubes down to the ocean.  Many places look like a wasteland.  Entire subdivisions have been destroyed.  Roads, power lines, you name it, so much engulfed by this seemingly random force of nature.  The island has places where the destruction is so vast, so overwhelming, a visitor wonders if this is really the tropical paradise called Hawaii. 

The volcanic activity has recently increased.  Earthquakes, new fissures opening.  Lava engulfing houses, roads, cars.  Major evacuations, with new reports every day.  Most of us have seen some of it.  It’s awesome and unsettling.

Code red.  That’s the official designation for what’s happening.

Code Red.  It’s about to blow.

But I’m speaking of the leftist cabal, not Kilauea.  The Democratic/media complex is about to get worse than it has before.    Soon.  That’s hard to believe, but just watch.  Yes, they have been spewing destruction in their wake for well over two years now.  Destroying property, lives, states, cities, nothing escapes their toxic brew.  

The trigger for the eruption of the last years has been Trump.  How dare he beat them, their agenda, their candidate?  Doesn’t he know who they are?  For that insolence, he, his family, his friends, his associates, every member of his administration, his voters, literally anyone who says one good thing about him must have lava poured on them 24/7. 

Maybe forever.

This has been non-stop since he won.  Unfortunately, it’s about to get worse.   We’ve known how juvenile, stunted, and arrogant these people are for over a decade.  Only now, in the past years, is it obvious they will get worse until they finally are defeated.  Only now has it become clear how vicious, hate-filled, and how determined they are to ruin the lives of those they oppose.

What they are doing now, they will do to anyone who stands in their way.  Desolation is what they have in mind for us.  Their hatred of Trump (and us) is so all-consuming it has literally driven them mad.

In their madness, they have fouled their nests.  For a decade, they protected Obama and the radical left.    They thought they had made a firewall where they would keep power forever.  These were not journalists who lamented, and cried, and sputtered as the returns came in on election night.  These were toddlers, emotionally stunted people who thought they were the entitled ones, that they were the smart ones. 

Except they weren’t.  They were simply Democrat operatives playing journalist.

And now they have decided to do Obama in reverse.  Anything Trump or his administration says or does is baaaaaad.  Evil.  Anything that is good news:  the economic boom we are in, the destruction of ISIS, the realignment in the middle east, the amazing foreign policy victories, tax cuts, deregulation, business optimism, the high in consumer confidence.  None of that can be reported.

To the leftist media, nothing good comes from Trump.  It’s all terrible.  So they continue to spew rivers of lava 24/7.    They continue to lie, make up narratives, sources, stories, anything they think can derail Trump.  Desolation uber alles.

As if the American public doesn’t see what is happening.   You’d think that spontaneous chants of CNN sucks among the tens of thousands at every Trump rally might tip them off.  Or the polls showing them less popular than car salespeople.

It was Socrates who said the unexamined life is not worth living.  We have an entire set of “journalists” who clearly have lives not worth living.  Self-reflection?  That’s for everyone else.  Excuse us, we have to go find how horrible, stupid, and evil Trump is today so we can report to you.

Okay.  We know that’s what’s going on, it’s impossible not to notice how insane they have become.  So what is this code red alert?


Yes. It.  Is.  Notice how many times it has been delayed coming out.  March.  April.  Now May.  And why?  Apparently they kept finding new, and treacherous goings-on in the bureaucracies they had to track down.  The more they looked, the more they uncovered.   It is now done, just going through final tweaking.   As Kimberly Strassel says (and others), the leftist media is finally going to pretend it’s not really so bad Obama spied on Trump.

A few will try as the Times did this past week.  Unfortunately for them, they burned their ships when they went full partisan after Trump, and anyone associated with.  They burned their credibility with the American public.  Now only the most unrepentant leftists hear what they have to say.

Get woke, go broke isn’t just about money, it’s about credibility and truth.  These people have been broken by their own pride, their sense of entitlement, and their own disdain of anyone who does not agree with them.  They are so far out on that limb, teetering and spewing, they forgot to notice Donald Trump over there with his saw.   Stealth happens.

Recall Trump’s initial tweets about his “wires being tapped”.

At this point, does anyone think Trump didn’t know 95%+ what the Obama Justice department did to them when he tweeted that?  If so, I have this perpetual motion machine I want to sell you. Cheap.

One by one all these bad apples have been exposed, demoted, fired, outed, and reported on by real journalists named Sara and John.   Does anyone really think that Trump hasn’t had a hand in that?  Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Yates, the whole lot of them.  Gone.   And/or, busted.   Their eruptive act hasn’t stopped him.  They are losing.

The IG report is the next big explosion.  It’s quite clear the Mueller appointment is not what the left hoped.  He’s either a smokescreen for something else, or another opponent Trump has destroyed.  Mueller’s position has unraveled before the eyes of the public.  Even without the leftist media reporting on these horrifying bureaucratic shenanigans, the American public, well over half believe Obama wrongfully spied on Trump.    

The enemedia loves Mueller.  Their chips are all in.

And he has nothing.

Pathetic nothing.

His indictments are beyond inconsequential, they have nothing to do with Trump.

No indictment is coming.

No report of collusion by Trump is forthcoming.

What he has about Trump won’t fill a sentence in a leftist slanted history book.

You’d think they’d notice.

Trump knows all this.  He knows who the bad guys are, and how bad they were.  He’s got the goods on all of them.  #Obamagate:  How an arrogant group of narcissists thought they were so smart, they could force a corrupt, greedy woman on us, and when that failed, undo a sitting President.

The coup self-aborted.  The ever-increasing lava-spewing by the MSM will no longer help them. I am surmising there are players who have turned to plea bargaining and have spilled the truth out.  I am thinking that all of them are going to start jumping ship like the rats they are, beginning with the IG report.  There’s going to be Hell to pay.  The public will hear the IG report. 

And that is only the beginning.  If you don’t think there is judgment on the horizon for Trump’s enemies, or that he’s really not doing anything to line the ducks up to take them down, you haven’t been watching.  Remember:  Melania’s surgery was scheduled for months, with no leaks.

Trump never reveals what he’s doing.  Witness Korea.  He has a plan for this lawbreaking.  Stop pretending he and Sessions are doing nothing.  It’s not only working.  It’s about to blow.

Code Red for the left.  Worst cognitive dissonance ever.  They have no clue what is about to hit them.

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