Can the Internet Teach Us to Love the Market?

My Big Idea is that the one thing we modern humans need for our socialization is to accept in our hearts the divine law of the market economy: first, find some way to serve your fellow man, then get paid. Unfortunately, we moderns mostly still think as peasants.  We want to live by sucking up to some local lord and then line up for his free stuff. There is a problem with this, as the story of the late Alfie Evans and the British NHS tells us.  When you sign up for health care that's "free at the point of delivery," then the government goons at the point of delivery get to decide who lives and who dies. Same thing with Bernie's guaranteed jobs plan.  If the government has to find you a good job at good wages, then you will have to take whatever the government goon gives you. I assume that is why teachers are so unhappy, along with government employees in general.  If you work for the government, you are just one of...(Read Full Article)