A History Lesson for the 'Trump Is Hitler' Crowd

Leftists love to claim that President Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler and that he's a Nazi, or maybe a fascist.  They never supply any facts to substantiate their claims. They seem to be immune to logic.

Yesterday, I visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, where a million and a half Jews were murdered in a most vile demonstration of human depravity.  A new picture was driven home to me in a most forceful manner.  

The master race theory that allowed the Germans to believe that their actions were acceptable was developed by American Democrat political philosophers.  Hitler's Nazis were happy to see the theoretical constructs their American counterparts developed and astonished to see how far the American left wanted to take them.  The Holocaust now had its foundation.

But the master race idea was not the driving force for German conquest in the early days of the Third Reich.  The annexation of the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia and the blitzkrieg of Poland were driven by claims that these regions were historically part of Germany and that they should return to German control to be inhabited only by Germans.  The name for this was "lebensraum," or "living space."

There was only one problem in Poland: the Poles.  As long as the Poles lived there, there wasn't room for the Germans.  Master race theory gave them an excuse to eliminate the three million Jews who lived there as a step in the Final Solution.  The Waffen S.S. carried this task out with a vengeance, hampered only by lack of resources. They were half done when the Russians retook Poland.

Has Donald Trump considered anything that has even a vague resemblance to this?  Of course not.  But the leftists calling him "Hitler" actively support a group that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Nazis.  They are the so-called "Palestinians" and their allied Islamic groups.  And before anyone screams bloody murder, let us recall that bloody murder was central to the Waffen S.S. and is the hallmark of Islamic jihadis.

The Nazi justification for conquest and extermination was "lebensraum."  What do Hamas and Islamic Jihad claim?  The "right of return."  That's exactly the same claim made by Hitler under the term lebensraum.  "It's properly my land.  You have no right to it.  I'm going to take it by force."

Hmmmm…. I wonder if there's anything more.

Lebensraum required the forcible removal of the non-German inhabitants of the Sudetenland and Poland.  While the Germans focused on the Jews, using master race theory, they were not going to be content with just the Jews.  They murdered an equal number of Poles, Slavs, Gypsies, and Russians at Auschwitz.  The Final Solution was to be complete extermination of all non-Germans in Europe.  Fortunately, they didn't get the time to carry it out.  Is there a parallel with the Islamists?  Hmmm...

Oh, yes.  Now I remember.  Not only do the jihadis want every Jew out of Israel; they want every Jew dead.  But they aren't using master race theory.  They're using "master religion theory.  The Nazis got close to master religion theory with their excuses about the Jews killing Jesus.  That meant that the Jews were guilty and should die.

Even though the term "ethnic cleansing" wasn't used until the 1990s, that's what Hitler was doing in Poland.  While Hamas and Islamic Jihad haven't been able to achieve it, ethnic cleansing of Israel is their stated goal.  For anyone willing to read, it's in black and white in their founding documents.  And just to drive the point home, to this day, they refuse to admit that Israel is a nation.  It's referred to as the "occupying Zionist entity."  Children are taught this lie in school, just as German children were taught lies about Jews.

What about the method of extermination?  We have to give the Nazis the nod for outright efficiency, but for brutality, little in the modern world matches the drowning, burning alive, and beheadings the Islamists choose and celebrate.

What about public support?  The German people, while not unanimous, overwhelmingly supported Hitler at first.  They bought into master race theory and lebensraum.  Any opposition was later exterminated.  Islamists are also overwhelmingly supported by their public.  In Gaza, all of the moderates have been similarly exterminated.

Nazis are, for all political intents and purposes, indistinguishable from Islamists.  Their goals and methods are nearly identical.  The ruthlessness with which those goals are achieved is comparable from one to the other.  In short, they are both to be thoroughly condemned.

At this point, we must return to the accusations against President Trump.  If he is the new Hitler, then it should be obvious that he supports Hamas and Islamic Jihad.  But when we look, we discover that President Trump has acted with great favor toward the nation of Israel and against Iran, the patron of the Islamists in the Middle East.  On the other hand, the left has taken up the Islamists' cause.

The left, accompanied by the chorus in the Mainstream Legacy Media, takes every opportunity to accuse Israel of great crimes.  Islamist atrocities are ignored.  They refuse to admit that the West Bank is anything other than "occupied."  Just like the Golan Heights, the west bank of the Jordan River all the way to Jerusalem is an essential part of the Jewish state.  It has been since 1968.  That's longer than a number of uncontested modern states have existed.

Hitler claimed that Germany had been improperly ousted from Poland and Sudetenland.  The Islamists claim they were improperly ousted from Israel.  Do I hear more echoes?  The German public supported Hitler.  The American left and mainstream media support Hamas.  Did I mention that the American Left were the originators of master race theory?

The left created the philosophies that built the Nazi machine. The left has not changed since the Nazis were defeated.  Leftists still support the master race approach in the form of the Final Solution.  But this time, the Final Solution is to be administered by Islamists, not Germans.

The left has not changed.

Image: Karl-Ludwig Poggemann via Flickr.

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