Time to End the Resistance of the Swamp

The ongoing Mueller "investigation" is not a legal matter.  It's a continuation of abuse of power by the Obama administration, which behaved as if Democrats were going to reign forever.  The extent of their abuse started to come to light only after the elections.

After the 2016 elections, the culprits should have relied on traditional American forgiveness.  President-Elect Trump fully demonstrated it when he graciously offered Hillary Clinton an opportunity to heal instead of being prosecuted.  Unfortunately, the mainstream Democratic Party and its allies allowed the far-left elements to drag them into the "resistance" and escalation.  Instead of a smooth transition of power, which has been an unbroken tradition since the founding of this country, they grabbed as much power as they could and directed it against Trump and his supporters.  Thus, they have burnt their bridges.

The president and his trusted advisers are either being investigated or threatened with investigation.  The best public servants appointed are flooded with death threats, and neither the FBI nor the DOJ does anything about that.  Scott Pruitt and Ajit Pai are the first names that come to mind.  These threats are backed by actions, such as the mass murder attempt in which Representative Scalise was injured.  Violence against lesser known persons standing in the way of the Democratic Party agenda is not reported by the mainstream media.  In a few days, it will be the anniversary of the shooting of the offices of Dr. John Christy and Dr. Roy Spencer, two outstanding climatologists whose research debunks climate alarmist claims.

We know who incited these crimes.  We know who covered these crimes.  We don't know all connections between the instigators and the triggermen.  And we will never know if the FBI and DOJ will continue investigating and prosecuting people for being Trump-supporters while turning a blind eye to the Democratic seditionists, oath-breakers, and other miscreants emboldened under Obama's administration.  Not to mention blackmail – a federal crime that is routinely ignored in the current political atmosphere and has been perfected by groups linked to the Democratic Party and used against businessmen, judges, and other men deemed Trump-supporters or potential supporters in their war against the elected government.  The new Democratic Party and its allies openly collude with foreign governments and political parties against the U.S., as clearly shown by their behavior related to the Paris climate "accord."

"Resistance" in and out of the government goes hard after the president, his supporters, and the loyal public servants.  It has abandoned even the pretense of legitimacy.  Unfortunately, the president allows it to go on.  This leads to a death spiral.  When everybody close to Trump comes under fire, people fear to get close to him and even to show support.  Trump appointees recuse themselves from handling matters related to him, and Obama holdovers gladly take these matters in their dirty hands.  Proven and respected leaders are afraid to serve in the new administration and turn down offers, even resigning from already accepted positions.  The media wage psychological warfare and call Trump's presidency a train wreck.  This weakens our president and emboldens and empowers our enemies.  With more power and less regard for the appearance of legality, they attack Trump's allies harder, and so on. 

Many in the "resistance" openly call their activities a war.  In a war, most people want to be on the side of the winner.  Unfortunately, it doesn't look as though we are winning now, and no economic or foreign policy achievement can change that.  The other way around, the "resistance" can destroy any achievement of Trump's policies.  We expect Trump to fight back, to demonstrate that we are winning, and to win.

They don't need to destroy Trump to defeat us.  Maintaining the status quo for the two and a half years until the next election campaign is enough for them.  After fifteen months since Trump's inauguration, the nearly totalitarian regime created by the Obama administration has only gotten more aggressive.  Being a vocal patriot or a conservative is now more dangerous than it used to be under Obama.  The "resistance" openly colludes with foreign powers, from the mainstream media receiving funding from the government of China (sometimes under the guise of adverting revenues) to the tech giants silencing Trump's supporters and promoting anti-American agendas of the E.U. leftists and Islamists.

The president of the United States deserves the loyalty of all employees of the executive branch of the government, not only his political appointees.  Legitimacy of any action (including receiving a salary) of each of the government employees is entirely derived from president's authority.  Those whose loyalty remains attached to the past administration had to resign more than a year ago.  Those who chose to stay and to resist Trump's policies or to disobey him are indictable.

The president has constitutional power and the duty to put an end to their abuses and seditious attempts.  When Mueller and his accomplices have to answer charges instead of hounding honest citizens as criminals, and the FBI gets back to investigating federal crimes instead of criminalizing the speech of the opponents of the past administration, the attacks on the new one will subside.  Trump's supporters in the business community, federal administration, and even the media will come out of the closet.  Victims and witnesses of persecution under the Obama regime will step forward and speak.  Their testimonies and other evidence will convince many of the honest opponents that the Obama regime and the werewolf-resistance it left behind are the real bad guys.  Many old liberals will recognize that they have been lied to and manipulated by forces that are anything but liberal.  The puppeteers of the "resistance" will switch from attacking to being on the defense.

The FBI is a part of the Executive Branch and reports to the president, not Robert Mueller.  Mueller committed a separate crime by using the FBI to break into places that store the president's personal documents.  Mueller's investigation has been a fraud from the moment the team was selected, it became a racketeering enterprise halfway through, and it looks like a mutiny now.  Until it's put down, the current administration will appear weak at home and abroad.  This perception already hinders it.  Foreign countries, friend and foe alike, think the U.S. is weak.  Until Trump gets Mueller off his back and under arrest, neither Assad nor Kim will take the U.S. seriously.  And the foreign adversaries are more likely to escalate any conflict, knowing that the enemies at home would support them.

It's clear now that the Obama administration used the FBI to persecute its political enemies.  The FBI needs to be investigated thoroughly and be purged of the Obama-Hillary loyalists who conducted these crimes.  The first step in such investigation might be to offer FBI agents and officers who observed or participated in such activities to step forward and to tell what they saw or did.  But it is also clear that Mueller does everything in his power to prevent such investigation.  This alone justifies arresting him and charging with obstruction of justice.

Donald Trump has promised us to drain the swamp – not to drown in it!

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