The Diversity Umbrella Is Full. Illegal Aliens Can't Fit.

Fully qualified applicants for employment with Washington State government agencies are being clobbered by the diversity cudgel.  Even if they congenially comply with most diversity principles, they may conscientiously object to the state's sanctuary status, which receives much of its rationale from diversity dicta.  They should not be compelled to sacrifice their American conscience, nor surrender their love of a country with borders, to get a government job.  There is no room for illegal aliens under the diversity umbrella.

The State of Washington, and several cities therein, have pronounced sanctuary status under the guise of diversity.  Since commitment to diversity is used in the employment screening process, job candidates are pressured to embrace an agenda that welcomes illegal aliens.  To get hired, they must acquiesce to doctrine that cloaks illegal aliens as "residents" and "immigrants," thereby becoming complicit in undermining the supremacy of federal law. 

Most state government employment candidates should be judged apolitically, but Governor Jay Inslee has welcomed illegal aliens under the deceitful dogma of diversity.  For example, he imposed a sanctuary regime when issuing Executive Order 17-01 with the title "Reaffirming Washington's Commitment to Tolerance, Diversity, and Inclusiveness."  You can only imagine the mind-numbing liberal groupthink that concocted the P.C. platitudes it presents.  Employment candidates (and workers not yet protected by unions) oppose the sanctuary policy at their peril.

Mollycoddling illegal aliens with illegal diversity decrees confounds many citizens who still want America to control its borders and retain its identity.  This diversity dilution is problematic because the state's main H.R. online hub pays tribute to cultural sensitivity and equity – presumably for those legally authorized to work.  Furthermore, job announcements from every single Wash. State agency contain purple prose urging applications from various minorities.  Their intent closely parallels Inslee's sanctuary state proclamation, as well as the Sanctuary City Resolution from Olympia, the state's capital.  Indeed, Olympia's resolution is actually posted under the "Diversity and Equity" section of ITS website.

Some common themes these documents present are respect for all, recognition of our ever changing demographics (accelerated by open borders), authentic selves, inclusiveness and equity, and a workforce reflective of their customers (which increasingly includes illegal aliens).  The usual litany of special classes are afforded these protections.  Indeed, it's already crowded, with only white males on the outside looking in, but now, per sanctuary state and city proclamations, illegal aliens are also covered. 

It's apparent that Inslee's executive order pays deference to diversity doctrine in aiding and abetting illegal aliens.  The main body contains approximately 1,100 words, but it has six – six – references to "diversity."  It presents a list of dubious "Whereas" clauses highlighting the contributions of "undocumented immigrants," without considering their costs to society.  There are many, including dependence upon government largesse, reliance on mandated services that help "limited English Proficient" people file claims for stuff, remedial education, and burdening our strained law enforcement and health care services.  Bottom line: There's plenty of evidence that illegal aliens take more than they give.  Yes, we are a generous people, but America first – Americans foremost.

Inslee's testament to so-called "tolerance, diversity and inclusiveness" also contains 12 references to "immigrants," as if repeating it will brainwash us; "undocumented" appears twice, but "illegal" is entirely omitted.  "Residents" are mentioned a couple of times, completely glossing over the stark reality that illegal aliens are law-breaking interlopers. In fact, the whole document is a bunch of political propaganda that spuriously conflates legal and illegal immigration, demonstrating absolute disdain for immigrants who diligently follow the legal path, bringing with them skills and true value to our society.  A decent citizen might reasonably recoil at this diversity subterfuge, potentially jeopardizing a career in state government when confronting the hiring managers' mad mandates. 

Speaking of mad, Inslee's executive order really strains the propriety of diversity by asserting that Washington "embraces diversity with compassion and tolerance and recognizes the value of immigrants."  Citizens at large, but especially job-seekers subjected to diversity measures, might ask,  "What value?"  Unquestionably, legal immigrants provide plenty, but many illegal aliens are ill educated and ill equipped to compete with resolute robots.  The tireless robots can't pick strawberries – yet – but they are increasingly performing menial and repetitive jobs. 

Frankly, illegal aliens actually bring neediness and dependence – in other words, a rationale for misguided liberal policies.  Since they're "undocumented," there's no legitimate way they can complete form I-9 to prove their employment authorization.  Pandering politicians looking to expand dependence on government welcome these destitute illegals-cum-residents who disproportionately drain our finite wealth.  Conversely, legal immigrants – who are given short shrift by Inslee's propaganda – must show they have the resources and wherewithal to support themselves.

Inslee has political motives to concoct contrivances to expand and solidify his political power.  In so doing, he's potentially subverting his Oath of Office, whereby he's obliged to "support the Constitution of the United States[.]"  After all, at least in spirit and deed, he's flouting the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution, which reigns supreme over immigration laws.  Fortunately, "average" citizens generally uphold the tenets of diversity and are probably more honorable than he is.  Why should these decent people have to quell their repulsion to the corrosion of America's character in order to become a dedicated public servant?

Why should law-abiding citizens who are qualified for a state job be dinged by diversity that pretends we are not the United States, but the United Nations?  Just as it is illegal to discriminate based upon national origin, it should be impermissible to discriminate against workers who respect our nation...and its borders.  Distorting diversity to decriminalize illegal aliens in a sanctuary state is neither tolerant, nor diverse, nor inclusive.

It is already very crowded underneath the untouchable umbrella of diversity.  There is no room for illegal aliens.

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