Please: Not Another Speaker Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is an embarrassment to Congress, and most members of Congress are an embarrassment to America.

When Pelosi was speaker of the House, she famously stated that Congress needed to pass Obamacare to see what was in the bill.  She also pondered openly whether the Democrat leadership of the House of Representatives ought to "deem" the Senate version of the bill to have passed the House to avoid having members of the House voting on the bill.

Pelosi six years ago opined that unemployment liberated Americans to become photographers or writers or musicians – unemployment was an opportunity for those lucky enough to lose their jobs.  Yet almost exactly six years later, with Republicans controlling the White House and Congress, Pelosi totally reversed her attitude toward unemployment.  She commented recently on the latest unemployment figures as evidence that "the wealthiest one percent continue to hoard the benefits of the U.S economy."

This comes out of the mouth of the seventh richest person in Congress, whose estimated wealth is $191 million.  Pelosi's wealth 25 times greater than the top one percent in America at her age, which is $7.6 million.  Pelosi's wealth is much greater than the top one thousandth (0.1%) of the nation, which is $43 million.  Pelosi's wealth is even greater than the top ten thousandth (0.01%) of Americans, which $100 million.

In other words, Pelosi is super-rich by almost any reasonable standard, and yet she professes to champion ordinary Americans by attacking those Americans whose net wealth is much closer to the net wealth of an ordinary hardworking American than her own.  Pelosi is so surreally out of touch with reality that she actually thinks the "top one percent," which largely represents those Americans who are trying to become financially secure by working hard and taking risks, are the problem.

Pelosi is so rich and insulated from the lives of ordinary Americans and even the lives of ordinary millionaires (who still have to work) that she might as well be on the Moon.  There is an utter disconnect between the actual lives of ordinary Americans and people like Pelosi that defies remedy.

What makes this worse is Pelosi's long tenure in Congress – thirty-one years this June.  She has been deeply involved in politics since she served on the Democrat National Committee in 1976.  Her father was a congressman and mayor of Baltimore, and her brother also served as mayor of Baltimore.  Even her husband's brother served as a council member of San Francisco.  Pelosi's college degree – surprise! – is in political science.  

It is also no surprise that Pelosi has hung tenaciously to her leadership position in the House of Representatives, either as minority leader, when Republicans controlled the House of Representatives or as speaker when Democrats controlled the House, positions she has now held for 15 years.  Add to that her tenure as deputy Democrat floor leader, and Pelosi has been in House leadership positions for 23 straight years. 

Nancy Pelosi's adult life has been spent in New York City; San Francisco; and Washington, D.C., perhaps the three most leftist communities in America, and Pelosi grew up in Baltimore, a Democrat stronghold since before the Civil War.  There is nothing to suggest that Nancy Pelosi has been exposed to anything accept the corrupt cant of Democrat politics or that she has had to live in anything like the world of hardworking Americans, who have to earn their daily bread by getting up and going to a job each day.

As the November 2018 midterms approach, Republicans would be wise to remind voters of just how unfit Nancy Pelosi is to change the direction of American politics and government and to restore trust in Washington, so seedy and noxious today that almost no sane and moral person trusts any member of Congress to be wise and honorable. 

It is hard to imagine, for Republicans, a Democrat leader so utterly out of sync with American voters as Nancy Pelosi.  She represents all of the worst features of career politics and of the Washington insider.  Republicans ought to start making their political ads today with Nancy Pelosi as their poster child. 

Image: Nancy Pelosi via Flickr.