No Place in a Civilized World

This weekend, a U.S.-led coalition, including Britain and France, launched an attack in Syria. In response to Bashar Assad’s callous disregard for humanity, President Donald Trump -- under the authority of Article II of the Constitution -- authorized the use of U.S military force against the atrocious Syrian regime. For civilized people of the world, the use of chemical weapons is utterly inexcusable. The U.S. and our allies have made the just decision to send a clear signal, once again, to Bashar Assad and the Syrian government in response to the chemical weapons attack committed on April 7. The use of chemical munitions against innocent civilians will not be tolerated. We, along with our allies, will continue to deter the use and proliferation of chemical weapons with decisive action and great force. In an effort to strongly deter the Syrian regime from using chemical weapons, national security analyst, Lieutenant Colonel Robert (Bob) Maginnis, U.S. Army (retired), says...(Read Full Article)