How One Arizona Charter School Teaches Patriotism in Ten Easy Steps

"You can tell a Benchmark kid.  They love their country – they know why it's special."  I asked Carole Challoner, one of the founders of this public charter school in Phoenix, how she teaches patriotism to her elementary students.  The teachers do it by inspiring the kids with opportunities for gratitude, service, and patriotism.  Carole explained how Benchmark does it in ten easy steps. 1. August.  The school year begins with teaching the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance.  Many students coming in from other schools do not know them.  Each morning, we play the national anthem over the P.A. system.  A couple of students from kindergarten, then rotating up the grades through the year, go to the office and lead the Pledge over the P.A. system.  The kids love being picked. Lesson plans: Each grade learns the meaning of each stanza, what pledging...(Read Full Article)