Disneyland and Infantile Culture

The left truly is afflicted with the infantilized belief that life really is a small world after all.  The ride itself, “It’s a small world" was the first multicultural act perpetrated on the American public before the Democrats made it cool.  Before a ‘coexist’ bumper sticker was ever placed on a Prius, the idea that we could actually coexist across the cultural milieu by simply ignoring history was embedded in the 62-year-old ride.  However, there never will be a servo motor moving a jihadi character on pistons in the small world, unless there was a roadside bomb underneath it as it waved to your children singing "Allahu Akbar" as the water dinghy carried you forward.  But we can ignore that.  It is a hell of a ride on its own, as it slowly picks away at your sanity.

Some childless adult friends of mine, all liberal, go to Disneyland every year like a way station between young adulthood and middle age. They consider their behavior quite normal, even into their early forties.  For others who are more radical, like the pink genital hat-wearing crowd we saw recently after Trump’s inaugural, it’s almost a religious pilgrimage.  I don’t see any of my conservative friends going without children of their own.  It appears to be strictly a left-wing hajj. 

And perhaps some of them are dealing with more non-traditional issues than verifiable barrenness but then you would think seeing all the children would torment them more than anything.  There are certainly some couples that have uncommitted 45-year-old (boy)friends dating for decades where the woman has finally given up on the idea of children altogether and is using her dogs as a uterine substitute.  The womb does not have to necessarily be functional anatomy.  It can be as dusty as a dry copy of a Moby Dick hardback in a dying public library.

Disneyland appears to be more and more co-opted by untraditional, non-family values. Gay Day (I’m not sure if it’s called that) has been picking up momentum over the past few years, taking over the park and giving Tinker Bell a run for her money.  Eventually, I can only assume as Disneyland becomes more of a Dave & Buster’s adult theme park instead of something for children, then Tinker Bell will be a fat male stripper wearing a dog collar scooping up fivers scattered along the cobblestone road. The culture has been so steeped in the corrosive, acidic LBGTQ agenda for years now that the electrical anode posts no longer conduct further shock, even as the left adorably tries to connect the wires.

Cosplayers have invaded the park as well on certain days.  Adults acting like children, dressed like superheroes or Zelda or Manga characters.  Now you can no longer tell the employees from the customers.  We can make some room for the thirteen-year-old who still goes out trick-or-treating as the last final rage against impending adulthood, but when a 40-year-old does that and we call the crazy police to put him in a padded room. 

Today we ‘grow into’ overgrown children like reverse engineering Benjamin Button.  We go to Disneyland, without kids now, as 40-year-olds, wandering the park in a daze wondering why they even have knee-high drinking fountains anymore. 

It’s ironic. As Disneyland was ‘born’ in 1955, out of a postwar baby boom, today it exists as a backdrop for selfish and crowing adults living for themselves, not having to worry about anyone else and without babies in tow.  There are still a lot of immigrant families that come with their children, but not the current native-born Americans as the culture that gave rise to Disneyland is shrinking and drying up out of its own addiction to serve itself and surrender its own future, its own Tomorrow Land, for today instead. 

This is merely an indicator of what socialism does to a culture, given enough time.  Producing economies grow.  They have babies.  Socialist regimes shrink.  Making America great is not about today, but rather investing for tomorrow.  Children require their creators to have faith in the future of their society.  It requires optimism.  Socialism is a pessimistic, self-cannibalizing worldview, and ultimately a destroyer of the culture. 

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